Wildlife Adventures

Wildlife abounds around here lately! And not always in a good way….

Take, for example, the pesky varmints that keep destroying our brand-new lawn.

Like the gopher or moles who created this impressive and mysterious dirt pile on our lawn between the night hours of Tuesday and the morning hours of Wednesday:

2017-10-11 08.40.00

And the damn raccoons who did this on Wednesday night into Thursday morning:

2017-10-12 07.47.07

ANNOYING! Apparently the problem is that we have grubs, and many creatures like to dig them up. We’ve been treating the lawn for grubs for the past couple of weeks, but I guess it hasn’t worked yet. At this rate, we’ll have a destroyed lawn in the near future. Grrrrr….

But on the lighter side, the turkeys have been congregating in our neighborhood again! There were TWENTY of them in front of our house on Wednesday morning!

Hi. We think we’re cool:

2017-10-11 09.19.21

I gobbled at them. They did not gobble back. I don’t know why.

2017-10-11 09.19.27

2017-10-11 09.22.09

And then there’s the Cat Who Doesn’t Give a Damn, who is forever getting into mischief. Like when she¬†finally scaled her Mt. Everest:

2017-10-10 08.09.56-2

Notice where she’s holding court in this picture of Sam:

2017-10-10 19.59.13

She is, however, pretty good at supervising math homework:

2017-10-05 17.41.58-1



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