Welcome to the Mid-40s

Well, it’s official: I have entered my mid-40s. I’m not exactly thrilled about that, mostly because it makes it very real that roughly half my life has now passed. It went so fast! Can I slow down the second half, please?!

Anyway, as part of my midlife crisis (ha!), I got a pug. Actually, that was unplanned. It just turned out that the right pug came along at the right time, and it happened to be right before my birthday.

The other part of my midlife crisis was in the planning for the past few weeks. One of my friends got a color wash put on her hair, and I thought, “Gosh, that’s cute! Why haven’t I ever done anything fun like that? Surely I’m not too old for some fun!” So, I decided my birthday present to myself would be a haircut and fun color. Or colors, actually. I got hot pink and bright purple highlights! You can’t see the purple in this picture, but it’s there. And you can definitely see the hot pink. Wheeee!

So fun! The rest of my birthday was pretty unremarkable, given that it was a Monday and I had to shuttle kids around and such. I did have coffee with my mom. And I hung out with these two chuckleheads in the morning, before I dropped the wee one at school.

And hey, I ended the day with a pug snuggle and one of our two cats actually venturing out and deciding the new addition was okay. So I’d say it was a good day!


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