The Camel’s Back Is Broken

Liberal snowflake here, back again.

I know I’m supposed to be trying to understand the conservative viewpoint and give POTUS a chance to do his job, even though every time he tweets I cringe and hear a thousand screams in my head going, “This is not normal!”

But I’m trying. I’m really trying. I may not support the same views, but I’m trying.

But Senate, you let me down today. In a big way. And not just me! You let down a huge majority of students in American public schools. You let down the 13 percent of students in public schools who are served under IDEA. You let down economically disadvantaged students. You let down minority students. You let down students in rural areas. In short, you let down pretty much every student in the public schools who (a) wasn’t born with a lot of money in an urban area and (b) doesn’t learn in exactly the expected way.

You voted along party lines to confirm Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education, instead of listening to your many, many constituents who reached out and begged you not to. Those parents and educators on the front lines who said, “This isn’t about party, it’s about an unqualified candidate who doesn’t understand enough about educational law and policy to run this department. It’s about a candidate who has zero experience in the public schools, when the public schools make up a huge part of our nation’s educational system. Pick someone else—anyone else, please!”

You didn’t listen. As a senator, I thought it was a big part of your job to listen to your constituents and represent them, but you didn’t. For whatever reason, most of you just voted along party lines. Republican senators, I know DeVos donated money to many of your campaigns. Is that why you didn’t listen? If so, I’m sickened. You should’ve recused yourself from the vote if you got money from her or her family, in my opinion.

Or did you not listen for some other reason? Tell me, what was it? Was it that you simply don’t care? You don’t have a child who will be negatively impacted by the voucher-based system she pushes? And so it just doesn’t matter to you? Maybe that’s an even worse reason to not listen.

I’m not sure, and I guess it really doesn’t matter. What matters to me is that you didn’t listen. You didn’t care enough to think about a huge portion of our nation’s students. I already have to fight hard to get the educational support my son is entitled to, and now it could likely get even harder. Because you didn’t listen.

So tell me, how am I supposed to respect the GOP? Because I really tried, even though my views are not yours. But how am I supposed to think we can work together when we clearly couldn’t even on a topic that was so obviously nonpartisan as this? This wasn’t a Republican vs. Democrat issue, or it didn’t have to be—it was simply an issue of an unqualified candidate. And you were unwilling to budge on it. So how am I supposed to have any faith that you, the GOP, have my family’s best interests at heart, ever? Because you certainly didn’t here, and this should’ve been an easy one.

I think this was the straw that broke my back, senators. I am absolutely heartsick and disgusted. I registered my son for kindergarten today. Mainstream kindergarten, and we’ll be negotiating the proper supports in the months to come, when we finalize his IEP. It should’ve been a joyous day for us, signing our son with Down syndrome up for mainstream kindergarten. Instead, as I walked out our door to head to the school, I read about the DeVos confirmation, and so I signed him up while fighting back tears.

I live to fight another day, Republican senators. Because as a mom, that’s what I do. But clearly not with you on my side. Thanks for making it clear where your priorities lie. I certainly am clear on where mine lie now.


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