In a mere 9.5 hours, it’ll be Thanksgiving. I haven’t been doing the “27 Days of Thankfulness” Facebook challenge that some people seem to be doing because, frankly, as much as I love doing the posts for Down Syndrome Awareness month in October, by the end of the month I’m rather post-fatigued and ready to stop posting things every day!

But now, while Sam naps, Theo watches a movie, and I take a break from cooking, seems like a good time to talk about what I’m thankful for. So, in no particular order, here are the random things that I’m thankful for this year:

  • Our healthy, amazing children. I am so lucky to have two healthy boys who make me laugh every day. They are in some ways so similar, but in others so very different. Theo, with all his fierce righteousness and all of his fire, makes me laugh out loud at least once every day, and the sweet, tender side he shows with his brother is without a doubt my favorite thing about him. And Sam, with his easygoing, cheerful manner and his two-year-old determination makes me so very proud. They both do. I have two boys who make me laugh and make me proud. I can’t ask for more than that!
  • My husband. He’s got my back. He makes me laugh. He’s a mean cook! And after almost 10 years together, we still haven’t run out of things to talk about. He’s a keeper, that one.
  • Our family. We are lucky to have extended family who love and support our boys so much! And we’re now conveniently located midway between both sides, so we’re lucky enough to get to see both sides on a reasonably regular basis.
  • Our friends. We have so many wonderful friends! Some are longtime friends, some are newer friends, some are friends we’ve met through our kids, and some are friends I’ve met online but not been lucky enough to hang out with in person yet. But so many good friends! I am thankful for each and every one of them.
  • Our town. Somehow, we stumbled upon a lovely, peaceful little oasis in which to live. We love it here! We do not love the housing prices, but we love pretty much everything else about it. I’m thankful that we are able to live in such a nice little town!
  • Our work. We both have jobs, and for that I’m thankful. Chris’s is steady and secure, and I love that. Mine is constantly in flux, but it keeps life interesting.
  • Early Intervention. It’s been a godsend for Sam. He’s learned so much at his on-site class, and his private therapists have been amazing! Most of our therapists have been great, but we’ve had a couple of clunkers…which only makes me appreciate the excellent team we have right now all the more!
  • Support systems. Between the Rockin’ Moms, the Down Syndrome Connection, and the various friends we’ve made in the T21 community, we have a huge support system—which has come in incredibly handy when I’ve had questions about things like Sam’s upcoming IEP and transition to preschool.
  • Our health. Mine’s had a few bumps since having Sam, but nothing major and nothing that couldn’t be handled once we unraveled the mystery of it. I’m thankful for that. So many people our age fight much bigger health problems, and I’m thankful we haven’t had to yet.
  • Yoga pants. I hate that I’ve put on weight from medicine, menopause, or whatever. But thank heavens for soft, stretchy yoga pants. Hey, you may laugh, but I’m truly thankful for yoga pants.
  • The pugs. Okay, we weren’t so thankful for the $2,000 vet bill from a few months ago. But still, the puggies are family, and it’s hard not to love them. I don’t think I’ll ever stop snickering when I think about Zoe’s ultimate “kiss my ass” statement to me earlier this year: I didn’t feed her on time because I was mad about something she had chewed up, so she snuck upstairs to my bedroom and laid out a big ol’ pile of poop right in the middle of my bed. Seriously. I went up there to get ready for bed, and there was a big ol’ pile sitting right there on my bed, like a present saying, “Hey Mom, you know how you didn’t feed me on time? Well, I’ll show you!” It was utterly disgusting and yet I couldn’t help but laugh so hard I almost cried. Seriously, that dog has a brass pair….
  • Chocolate. Because…well, just because. It’s chocolate. I love it. I’m thankful it exists.

Now it’s time to go tear up some ciabatta to prep the dressing for tomorrow, and my list is edging into silly territory, so I’ll end it here. But let’s just say I’m thankful…for so very much! Not the least of which is the people in the picture with me. 🙂

My peeps. :-)
My peeps. :-)

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