Sept 6, 2015: Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day, all! This will be a short and sweet blog, because I posted several times midweek, so I said a lot of what I wanted to say in those posts! In case you missed them, they are:

  • The Family Dinner: Better Late Than Never, in which I discuss our switch from eating in shifts to attempting the apparently all-important family dinner…and my feelings on the subject.
  • Connect. Inspire. Recharge, in which I discuss my retreat, which is this weekend and for which I cannot wait!!!
  • Reboot, in which I discuss some new goals for my personal health. I’m learning to love planking. Sort of. Okay, maybe tolerate is a better word….

And before I forget, let me say that next week’s blog will be at least one day late, because I’m going to my retreat (whoop! whoop! whoop!!) and won’t be back until late Sunday night.

But anyway, what didn’t I cover in those three posts? Let’s see…speech! I finally got a new speech therapist lined up for Sam! We met her on Thursday, and I really like her upon first meeting. She worked very well with Sam, and he with her—despite being a bit under the weather (more on that in a moment). She was thrilled with his speech abilities, despite the fact that he’s largely nonverbal, because she said what he is doing is indicative only of delay, not of problems—in other words, he’s doing what a typical two-year-old boy would do for speech…and he’s three-and-a-half. But that’s a good thing—a not-so-positive thing would be if what he was doing wasn’t typical in terms of speech development, and if there were indicators for a problem with speech development (such as apraxia, which is not uncommon in kids with Down syndrome). His speech, she said, appears to be developing exactly as it should—just at a slower pace than a typical child would. Right on! That’s what we strive for—evidence that he will make progress and get to a goal on his own time, whenever that may be. So whoop, whoop for that, too!

Kris, the therapist, actually referred to him as a “dream client” because he follows directions and even cleaned up the toys when finished. He is indeed rather wonderful that way. It’s a lovely quality of his. 🙂

But back to being under the weather… Sam was sick on and off this week, and it appears to be the same thing that Theo had last month—the abdominal pain and intermittent fever. It’s hard to tell because Sam’s not terribly verbal, but he did motion to his stomach a few times and sign “hurt,” so that’s my guess. That could be just because I asked him if his tummy hurt, so I can’t be sure…but he also was crying and fussing after eating. And not eating very much at all. Pretty much the same as Theo was doing.

So, we ended up taking him into the doctor on Sunday, after speaking on the phone with another doctor. They just wanted to rule out anything like appendicitis or a bowel obstruction. We were 99.9% sure it wasn’t that, but hey—if they’re going to offer a Sunday appointment and my son has been rather miserable on and off for a week, I’m going to take it. So we did. And, as it turns out, it probably is the same thing Theo had, though this doctor called it mesenteric adenitis. It’s an inflammation of the lymph notes in the abdomen, and it lasts a few weeks. It’s not serious and it’s not treated by medication, but it is uncomfortable. So she prescribed Sam an antacid just to help with the pain while we wait for this to pass.

Evidently this can be caused by a virus (usually) or a bacteria (in some cases). Because Theo tested positive for mycoplasma, she assumes his came from bacteria. But it’s impossible to know for sure—he could’ve had mycoplasma in his bloodstream that weren’t causing an active infection, so it’s impossible to know.

Anyway, Theo is almost all the way better now (only occasional discomfort after eating), and Sam should be better in a few weeks. Luckily, it’s not contagious—whatever virus caused it (if it was viral) would’ve been, but since Sam’s now had it a week, she said he was fine to be at school and around other kids and such. I only need to keep him home if he gets a high bout of fever or whatnot. Otherwise, it’s just wait it out and try to help ease any pain he has from it. Obviously I’d rather he not be in pain, but I’m mostly just relieved that it’s nothing serious.

On Saturday, we went to San Jose to visit with Grandma Kathy and Papa, and Theo inherited a bag of old toys that were Chris’s—a bunch of little plastic figurines that apparently Chris used to set up for battles and such. Theo is rather enthralled with these little figurines, which is fun—though I guarantee I’ll be finding them all over the house!

And Sam, too, has inherited quite a toy stash—our friends Mike and Roxann were getting rid of their son’s train table and all of his trains (which he has outgrown), and they gave them to Sam. We had a train table already, but this one has much better storage, so I’ll offer ours up to someone in the community and use this one instead. And Sam now has a ton of new Thomas trains, which he is very excited about! He plays trains every single day, multiple times a day, so I guarantee this set will get much use! Theo actually still likes to build tracks and play trains every now and then, too, so I think they’ll both have fun with it.

We went to a game night with Mike and Roxann Saturday night, but we had to cut out very early because Sam was super grumpy (tummy pain), so we went back over to their house today to pick up the train table and such. We ended up staying for several hours and playing a few games, which was a lot of fun! Sam is much more comfortable tummy-wise today, and he was excited to see all of his new-to-him trains.

One other very cool thing this week is that Theo has suddenly begun to tell stories. We went out a few nights ago to get some things at the store, and he was telling us these elaborate stories all the way home. So when we got home, I had him tell me one so I could record it, because really, my re-telling of it wouldn’t do it justice. So be sure to watch this video of Theo telling the story of the Pickle King—it’s really quite fun!

Oh, how I wish we could have him do creative writing instead of math homework for a while, since he’s on this creative bent for whatever reason! Second grade is going great so far—he seems to have made a few friends in class, and he loves his teacher. He comes home from school cheery and happy every day (despite not eating much of anything…sigh…), and all is well…until homework time. He loathes homework…especially math. He’s not a big fan of any homework, but math is the bane of his existence when it comes to homework. And I’m all for him learning math eventually—obviously, it’s skills he will need. But oh, how I hate having to push math homework right now, when it’s clearly a difficult task for him. How much I would rather have him craft a wonderful story like the Pickle King! But hey, I don’t make the rules about homework. (Why is that? I need to make the rules! Kidding…sort of….)

Anyway, I promised short and sweet, so I’ll wrap this up. I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day! We will be having a swim date with Theo’s friend Gavin. Hope you all have a similarly fun day! I’ll be back after my retreat next weekend! With some stories, of course, but you know…what happens in Minneapolis stays in Minneapolis. 😉

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