Seattle 2017 – Day 11

Mostly a driving day! We drove from Seattle to Sunriver, Oregon–a resort in central Oregon. 

A lot of the drive was pretty, but some was downright desolate, like this:

Seattle 2017 - Day 11

The elevation changes really bothered Sam’s ears, so we had to stop at a tiny town near Mt. Hood, where the weeping little dude peed all over me. (I was surprised his ears bugged him, because they didn’t when we changed elevations significantly in Northern California, and they didn’t on our plane ride earlier this year. Go figure.)

We finally made it to our home for the next few days, just in time for sunset. Home sweet home:

Seattle 2017 - Day 11

View from the back patio:

Seattle 2017 - Day 11

Poor Chris seems to have gotten food poisoning, but hopefully tomorrow he’ll be good as new!

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