A while back, I posted about 10,000 steps, and my goal to get myself back in shape and (hopefully) shave off the extra weight I’ve been carrying.

Well. That didn’t happen. My resolve lasted for all of one day, after which I got insanely busy with work—too busy to make time for exercise—plus it was hot. Really, really hot. And add hot flashes to already hot weather, and…well, I just don’t exercise. Excuses, excuses….

And then my sister-in-law added me to a Facebook fitness group she started for a bunch of ladies (including herself) who wanted to trim a few pounds. A great idea in theory…except I didn’t know anyone in the group except for my sister-in-law, so I wasn’t really comfortable talking about my weight struggles in detail.

And then a little over a week ago, I was involved in a conversation in my “safe place”—my Rockin’ Moms group—and I found out that there were a whole bunch of us who had a significant amount of weight to lose, as well as a few who didn’t need to lose weight but who wanted to work on their strength or whatnot. And I casually said, “Yeah, I’ve been thinking of starting a Rockin’ Moms Cut the Fat group or something…,” and a bunch jumped on board and said they’d love to do it.

I’d like to say I was ambitious enough to start the group, but no… Thankfully, another friend from the group took the bull by the horns, created the Battle of the Bulge group, and off we went!

And finally, finally I am inspired to take control and get my body back to what I’m comfortable with. I know all the moms in the group—mostly just through Facebook, but we’ve had enough intimate chats about everything under the sun that I feel totally at ease with them—so I’m not embarrassed to share my struggles with weight. And the friend who created the group, along with a couple of others who have taken charge, are doing an amazing job at keeping it fun and interesting—and at keeping us all accountable.

So this week, I’ve walked 10,000 steps every day. I’ve done a plank challenge every day (planks are hard!!). I’ve tracked my food every day and been accountable for what I put in my mouth. And I feel good about it.

I even set aside my long-standing feud with the scale and got on the damn thing for Weigh-In Wednesday. This is a totally voluntary part of the group—no one has to weigh themselves, and we don’t have to share our weight. But for me, I knew it was a necessary step to take charge. So for the first time since I was pregnant with Sam, I stepped on the damn scale. And I was simultaneous horrified and thrilled. I was horrified because the number is not great. I’m not sharing what it is here, but let’s just say Chris said, “I would’ve never guessed that number. You don’t look it.” Which is a very nice compliment, but yeah…that number is correct. On the other hand, I was thrilled because the number was almost exactly what I had guessed it to be…and I love to be right, so hey, I was right! I would’ve rather not been right on that, but I’m going to cling to the silver lining here and say, “Wow, I know myself well! I told Chris I need to lose 50 pounds to be at my ideal weight, and what do you know? I need to lose exactly 50 pounds to be at my ideal weight.” So there’s that. It took the sting away a little. 😉

Years ago, I lost 100 pounds through diet and exercise. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done, and I know it will be even harder now that I’m older—my doctor was kind enough to inform me of that recently. So will I ever manage to lose the weight? I don’t know, but I’m at least going to try my hardest.

What will make this time different from before? Well, first of all, I’m no longer on any medications for migraines, so I feel like there’s a chance that I could actually make a positive difference in my weight. It kind of felt like a lost cause when I was on a medication that caused weight gain.

Second, I have my Rockin’ Moms to keep me accountable and to keep it fun.

Third, summer is almost over, so it’s not going to be scorching for much longer. (Though it’s supposed to be 103 degrees this week, and that’s just disgusting. I am not looking forward to walking in that heat.) We are supposed to get record-breaking rains this winter, and since I exercise by walking outside, that may present a challenge. But there’s a $19/month gym a few miles from here, so maybe that’s an option if I get desperate. I don’t like gyms as a general rule, but desperate times may call for desperate measures.

And last but not least, I am not overwhelmed with work right now…and I’m going to try to keep it that way. One of my biggest failings as a person is my inability to say no, but I am going to try to say no to work when it is such that it would cut into my one hour a day of working on myself. I need to be disciplined about keeping that exercise hour per day, or this will never work. And so, I will learn to say no a little more.

When I’m finished, I’d like to look like this again. Only with more wrinkles, ‘cuz I’m older. But no gray hair, because I pull those out the minute they appear. 😉


I can get back to this, right? Plus a bunch more wrinkles?!
I can get back to this, right? Plus a bunch more wrinkles?!

Wish me luck!

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