Oktoberfest 2017

Oktoberfest is big in our little town! I’ve never been much for festivals as a general rule (they’re okay, but I’m usually not particularly drawn to them), but I do enjoy them in our town because everyone comes out, and we run into tons of people we know! Today we ran into numerous friends, including a couple of Sam’s kindergarten classmates, as well as a couple of Theo’s friends. So fun!

If you’re wondering why I’m wearing makeup–if you even noticed!–it’s because we took our yearly family pictures in the morning, before heading to Oktoberfest. (Sam did not particularly want to cooperate, but hopefully we got some decent shots.) And Chris and I have a date this evening, so I figured I might as well leave the makeup on.

Love being able to just walk across the street to stuff in downtown!

2017-09-30 13.04.53

Shave ice!

2017-09-30 13.08.41

This ride was pretty fun. Theo’s on there with our friend and her kids. I went on the next time around.

2017-09-30 13.25.57

Sam liked the ball toss.

2017-09-30 13.48.25

Theo ADORED this ride. Neither of us went on it with him, but our friend went twice, and then Theo went four more times on his own.

2017-09-30 14.56.29

Yep, it goes all the way around!

2017-09-30 13.52.34

Sam didn’t want to go on any rides, but he had fun anyway.

2017-09-30 14.10.41-2

2017-09-30 14.10.42


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