Oct 18, 2015: We’re in Love!

Well, it’s official: We’re in love with the kittens! Three out of the four of us, anyway. Sam couldn’t care less. He’s not really an animal person so far. He’s not mean to animals at all; he’d just prefer they stay out of his way, and he stays out of theirs. The kittens probably actually prefer him to Theo, who loves them a little too much sometimes! They are very tolerant kittens, though. Theo wants to be holding them constantly, and they’re more interested in running around and playing. But they pretty gamely let him hold them, and only occasionally give him a little hiss.

It’s fun to watch their personalities emerge. Violet is super loving and cuddly—definitely a lap kitty! The minute you pick her up, she starts purring. She has taken a real liking to me, so we jokingly refer to her as “my” cat. That makes Isabel Chris’s cat…and she is a little firecracker—trouble with a capital T! Miss Isabel is into everything! They are both hilarious, though. And to give Miss Isabel some credit, I will say that “my” kitty is the worse one about going after cords. Izzy leaves cords alone but goes after everything else!

We still haven’t introduced them to the dogs, but they’re warming—they no longer hiss the minute they catch sight of the dogs. We’re letting them get used to each other’s smells, and eventually we’ll make the introductions slowly.

We’re so glad we got both kittens—they play together and keep each other company, and it is wonderful! In my experience so far, two kittens is way easier than one puppy! Don’t get me wrong: I love puppies. But wow, they are a lot of work. The kittens are much easier.

For your viewing pleasure, here are two adorable kitten videos!

And another:


And while we’re doing videos, how about a video of Theo playing “Swan Lake”? He had just started to play it one day before, so it’s still very new to him. He follows it up with “Ode to Joy,” which he’s been practicing for over a week.

Speaking of Theo, he had Friday off school for a teacher in-service, much to his delight. We took Sam to preschool and then had a mommy-son breakfast date at a diner near Sam’s school. The diner had been recommended to me by many people, and the food was indeed pretty tasty. But in terms of atmosphere, it was simply a shabby diner—the sort of shabby diner that truckers and locals typically know about, but that won’t be found on any “best of” lists. Which is fine, but it made Theo’s reaction all the more amusing. He has been obsessed with star ratings for restaurants, begging me to take him to a four-star or five-star restaurant. He knows that we typically go to one-star or maybe two-star restaurants with him, but he greatly wants to expand his horizons. So we walk into this rather rundown diner, and he announces, “Ah, yes, this is very nice! I think this is a three-star restaurant, Mom! Maybe a four-star…” The waitress told us to grab any table, so we took a booth. Theo looked around and said, “I like the artwork in here. This is definitely at least a three-star restaurant!”

When the waitress came up to take our order, he mistook her for his beloved Miss Eunice from day camp (and she did actually look quite a lot like Miss Eunice!). When I explained the mistake, the waitress smiled and chatted Theo up for a few minutes. Naturally, Theo came out with some amusing comments, as he always does, which made her laugh, so she was pretty attentive to him for the rest of our meal. After reading every single drink on the menu out loud, he announced to her that he would have a hot chocolate with eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns.

As we waited for our breakfast, he caught sight of a TV on the wall and yelled, “Mom!! They’re playing TV-14! Can I watch it?!” In addition to star ratings of restaurants, you see, Theo is lately obsessed with TV and movie ratings. And the diner was playing the news, which apparently is rated TV-14—a rating we don’t usually let him watch. But what was I going to do—ask the diner to shut off the news? And truly, if he’s going to watch TV-14, I’d rather it be the news than something else. So I said, “That’s fine; it’s just the news. You can watch it.”

Well, it was about the mudslides in Southern California, which trapped a bunch of people in their cars. Theo was wide-eyed and relating every…single…detail to me throughout the meal. At one point, apropos of nothing, he announced, “One hundred and fifty thousand people die every day, Mom. Right?” Well, that’s what the Internet told us when we looked it up a few days before, so I guess yes. But I couldn’t help but wonder what the people sitting around us thought of that exciting fact!

After sipping his hot chocolate, he announced loudly, “This is the best hot chocolate in the world! Much better than Starbucks. Starbucks is a zero-star restaurant, Mom. This is definitely a three- or four-star restaurant.” (Mind you, he won’t turn down hot chocolate from Starbucks! But clearly this was superior in his opinion.)

I left the restaurant quite entertained, I must say! And glad that a shabby diner made such a favorable impression on him!

Saturday was a big day for us! We had two birthday parties to attend, back to back. The first was a one-year-old party for my friend’s daughter. It was at a park, and the boys had a ball. Theo particularly enjoyed getting his face painted—and I have to say, the face painter was the best I’ve seen. She was quick and awesome—you’ll see pix in this week’s gallery!

We had to leave that party after two hours (but thankfully, we stayed long enough to find another food finicky Sam will eat—Korean short ribs! Again with the salty meats…) and head to another birthday party, this time for one of Theo’s close friends from school. That one was at a local indoor miniature golf course, so I said I’d take Theo in while Chris and Sam did a few errands or whatnot, as the invitation didn’t say that siblings were invited. I got inside and discovered that I have reached a new era of parenting: the era where you get to drop your kid off at the birthday party! There were no other parents there—just the birthday boy’s dad and grandma—and they said, “Oh, you can stay if you want, but you don’t have to! It’s kind of crowded in here with all the kids….” So I told Theo I’d be back in two hours to pick him up, and I joined Chris and Sam on their errands.

Theo had a ball at the party, he said. He was talking a mile a minute when I got back to pick him up. And when I had left him there, several kids from his class were already clamoring around him to see his very cool face paint from the previous party. It makes me so happy to see him with his friends!

The day was going so well that we decided to stop at the pumpkin patch before heading home. The weather was cool and breezy—perfect for the patch! The boys had a blast and played for two hours before we hauled them home, tired and dirty. This was the first year Sam has really been into it, and I got some adorable pictures of him. His favorite part was watching the kids shoot baskets into this hole that would ring a cowbell—he would laugh and cheer every time they did it! And he loved the bouncy farm animals, too, though his favorite part was falling dramatically off of them!

Anyway, I’ve got tons of pictures for you this week, so I’ll let you get to them!

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