Oct 11, 2015: Hello Kitties!

Yes, the kitties are home now!! May I present the Dowager Countess Violet Grantham and Mrs. Isabel Crawley? If you watch Downton Abbey, you’ll know that we decided to name them after the two bickering elderly women in the series—two of our favorite characters! The one named Violet has a bit of a haughty attitude already, and the one named Isabel is more playful and fun-loving—just like their namesakes!

We picked the kittens up on Sunday. In fact, as I type this they’ve been home all of six hours. So far so good. Violet is super skittish around the pugs, so that introduction hasn’t been made yet. Isabelle—the runt of the litter—seemed relatively unfazed by the dogs, but since Violet was afraid, we put the dogs in their crate while the kittens were out. We’ll make that introduction slowly. The kittens are mostly staying in our downstairs bathroom while they get acclimated to their new environment, but we’ll rotate them out in the rest of the house while the pugs are in their crate for periods of time. The skittish Dowager Violet actually seems to have already taken a shine to me—she knocks Izzy off my lap when Izzy comes to say hi!

Theo is dying to play with the kittens, but the kittens are still more interested in creeping around and exploring their surroundings. I assured him that before he knows it, the kitties will be romping about and wanting to play with him!

It’s been a busy weekend around here! Theo was supposed to go camping with his Cub Scout troop on Saturday, and he was so excited for his first campout! But the trip got cancelled (not enough certified adults able to go), and he was bitterly disappointed. So we shifted around our weekend plans a bit. I had been going to take Sam up to see my mom while the other boys were gone camping, but instead I took Sam up on Friday, while Theo was at school. Then when we got home on Friday night, the four of us had BBQ hot dogs and made s’mores over the BBQ. Chris pitched the tent in the backyard, and he and Theo had a backyard campout! It’s not quite the same as going with a group of your friends, of course, but I think it was a good consolation prize.

And because that freed up Saturday, we ended up going to Fleet Week in San Francisco to see the Blue Angels fly.  It’s always a challenge to get to Fleet Week, but I’m always glad when we do it, and this year was no exception. We took BART into the city, had lunch at the Ferry Building, and walked the 2+ miles to Aquatic Park. It was very crowded, but we found some space on the lawn in the shade and sat back to watch the show and rest our aching feet. (I actually walk 3-4 miles a day now, but usually not carrying a 26-pound toddler on me. That makes a big difference, I found!)

The show was amazing! Beautiful weather, and I’m always in awe of the flying. They had another precision flight team fly before the Blue Angels, and they were good, too…but nothing like the Blue Angels!

Sam actually fell asleep on me and snoozed through a little bit of the show before the Blue Angels came on, but a jet flew overhead and woke him up, and when he caught sight of it, he yelled, “OOOOOOHHHHH!” and sat right up to watch the rest. He ended up wanting to run around, so Chris chased him while Theo and I watched the show, but Chris said to me later, “He is YOUR son—every time a jet would roar overhead, he’d stop what he was doing and get all excited!” Yep, my son indeed.

Then it was another two-mile walk back to BART with a heavy toddler on me. Needless to say, I felt like I got my exercise for the day!

Another amusing part of the week was the boys’ dentist appointments. This doesn’t sound particularly exciting, I realize, but you have not lived if you haven’t gone to the dentist with Theo! (Sam hates the dentist and refuses to open his mouth, so that’s not overly exciting. But Theo…well, he is another story.)

We walked into the waiting room and sat down, and the receptionist asked me if she could get me some coffee, tea, or water. I declined, but Theo announced, “Oh, I would love a cup of tea—thank you!” The receptionist looked a bit surprised and said, “Well, we don’t have any kids’ cups….” to which Theo replied, “That’s okay; I don’t need a kids’ cup. A regular cup will be just fine!”

However, at that moment, the hygienist came out to get Theo. As she walked him into the back, I heard him say, “Do you have any PG-13 movies I can watch while you clean my teeth?” Our dentist, you see, has monitors for kids to watch cartoons during their cleaning, and Theo saw this as the perfect opportunity to try to watch a show with a rating other than what he’s allowed to watch at home. Scam artist!

Later, I overheard him quizzing the hygienist:

“So, do you have any children?”

“No, not yet,” she replied cheerfully.

“Do you want children?” he persisted.

“Someday,” she said vaguely.

“Well, are you pregnant right now??”

At that point, I said a silent prayer that the poor hygienist wasn’t struggling with fertility problems! Thankfully, she’s either not or it didn’t bother her—she came out laughing, and when I said, “Was it you my son was interrogating about your reproductive history?” she laughed and said, “Well, yes, but he also asked the male dentist!” Theo later told me that the dentist has a male son, two months old, named Tyler. Leave it to Theo to get these people’s personal history!

When I went back to talk to the dentist, the first thing he said was, “Your son has an extensive and impressive knowledge of the TV and movie rating system.”

I said, “Yes, he sure does. Did he try to con you into a PG-13 movie?”

The dentist started laughing and confessed that yes, he had. After the dentist informed me that Theo’s teeth look great and he shouldn’t need to start orthodontia until he’s 12 or so, he handed Theo a balloon for doing well during his cleaning. “Thanks,” Theo replied seriously. “Barack Obama is an excellent president.” The dentist tried to hide and smile and said, “Oh?”

“Yes,” Theo continued. “And so was George W. Bush.”

The dentist struggled valiantly not to laugh, and I just said, “He’s bipartisan…”

Oh, Theo…never a dull moment! I get a kick out of adults experiencing Theo. They never know quite what to make of him, but they always seem quite enchanted. It’s hard not to be—he really is probably the funniest person I’ve ever met! Exhausting, yes. Challenging to parent, yes. But hilarious too.

Speaking of adults and Theo, his piano teacher has asked him to come be a TA (teacher’s assistant) of sorts for the class she holds at his school. Paying for private lessons and school lessons is a bit much, so we’re just doing private lessons. But his teacher asked him if he’d come, free of charge, and help her out with the class. So he had his first time doing that last week, and he was very proud.

If only everything were wonderful at his school right now. It’s had a lot of drama this week, and I have written a blog post about part of it. Click here if you want to read it—though I’ll tell you right now it’s not a particularly cheery post.

Anyway, I have to go attend to two kittens! I hope to get more pictures posted next week. This week they are doing much hiding!!

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