Nov 27, 2016: Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! I hope you had a pleasant and restful holiday weekend. Around here, some of us had a full week and others had a partial week. Sam had school Monday through Wednesday (and Chris had work), but Theo didn’t. So I had planned to have him home with me, but then he asked if he could go to his school’s daycare (which was open the first half of the week) because his best friend from school was supposed to be there. I agreed that he could go Monday and Tuesday, which gave me some time to grade my students’ finals and get this semester of classes wrapped up!

As it turned out, Theo’s friend was not at daycare, but Theo had fun anyway. When I went to pick him up on Tuesday, he was nowhere to be seen, and the daycare people said, “Oh, he saw people working on the school garden and wanted to go help them, so he’s over by the bleachers working with them.” And there I found him, shoveling mass quantities of soil with a few parents and kids who are on the garden committee. They said he’d been at it for two hours, and he looked happy as a clam! I think I’m going to bring him to every garden workday. He absolutely loves them! I wish he was as excited about working out in our own yard—getting him to do that can be like pulling teeth. 😉

On Wednesday, I took the day off work and took Theo for a play date with a friend. We went to the Lawrence Hall of Science, which is always fun. I’m usually chasing Sam when we go there, but this time it was just me and Theo, so I was able to hang out with him and chat with my friend (her son is Theo’s friend). They had some really neat exhibits, and it’s fun to get to see some of the ones for older kids, instead of just the preschool ones!

I never get tired of the view from Lawrence. This is looking over Berkeley, with the SF Bay in the background and SF way off in the distance.

2016-11-23 13.44.18

Climbing a strand on “DNA.”

2016-11-23 10.46.39

Launching a rocket he made from paper:

2016-11-23 12.43.27

For Thanksgiving itself, we went to Grandma Kathy and Papa’s house. It was just the six of us—nice and low-key, just like I like it! We took the boys to the park for a bit because it was a lovely day, and we had a nice dinner and dessert. I made the pies: one Dutch apple and one chocolate pumpkin chiffon.

2016-11-24 14.23.21

2016-11-24 14.23.34

2016-11-24 14.24.07

2016-11-24 14.24.18

Sam adored the slide! I love the way he says “Whoa!!!” so I made a little video!

Sam’s Thanksgiving meal:

2016-11-24 16.13.23

The rest of us ate this:

2016-11-24 16.17.04

2016-11-23 22.29.43

2016-11-24 10.30.07

2016-11-24 16.40.12

The rest of the Thanksgiving weekend was mostly low-key. Sam had speech therapy; I took this video because he was being such a ham!

We also got our Christmas tree! The cats are very interested in it. Miss Violet knocked off several ornaments within minutes, and when we came home after being out for several hours today, we found fifteen ornaments on the floor. Naughty kitty! We’ll see how long the tree stays standing at this rate….

2016-11-26 18.38.34

2016-11-26 20.17.36

On Sunday, we took the boys to the San Francisco Zoo (we’re members this year, so freebie!) to see the reindeer. This is the first time Sam has really showed much interest in the zoo animals, so that was fun! Both boys had a great time, though Sam suddenly seemed to be coming down with something in the late afternoon. I’m not sure what—it came on very abruptly. Only time will tell.

2016-11-27 11.14.39

2016-11-27 11.23.10

2016-11-27 11.27.10

2016-11-27 12.13.08

2016-11-27 13.41.06

2016-11-27 14.22.41

Aside from that, I did have a post from yesterday: Click here if you want to read it, but be warned that it’s political in nature, so if you’re not interested in that, you’ll probably want to skip it.

And here are the rest of the random pix from this week!

Kale and roasted chickpea flatbreads with pear and beet salad. So yummy!

2016-11-19 20.32.22

So, apparently if you take a selfie through a TP roll or a paper towel roll, it looks like your face is in the moon! Check me out!

2016-11-19 22.03.51

I think Zoe makes a better moon, though:

2016-11-19 22.05.10

Pix from last Sunday. We went to a kids’ gym to meet up with another Rockin’ Mom and her kids. Sam liked this swing, and you can see Theo in the background on a tire swing:

2016-11-20 13.24.32

2016-11-20 13.24.42

He liked this swing, too!

2016-11-20 14.19.39

Doing a puzzle with Daddy:

2016-11-20 15.19.07

Can you tell Sam was being uncooperative and was trying to get away from me?!

2016-11-21 14.21.18

Spectacular sunset when we got home!

2016-11-20 16.54.45

Risotto with brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and chestnuts. Delish!

2016-11-20 20.59.52

The adventures of Naughty Kitty:

2016-11-21 17.04.38

2016-11-22 17.24.11-1

2016-11-26 16.22.25

They didn’t like their old food. Isobel would sit and meow angrily at the bowl. So I got them new food. Which they knocked off the counter and ripped open the bag to get. When I put the ripped bag back up, I returned a few minutes later to find them staring at me like this. “It’s about time you got us decent food, minion!”

2016-11-25 20.56.49

This looks gross but was actually REALLY good! Quinoa with sliced fennel, celery, almonds, and feta cheese:

2016-11-21 20.32.10

Fusilli with kale and homemade lemon “breadcrumbs.”

2016-11-22 21.00.52

Pajama Day at school!

2016-11-23 07.49.35

I was holed up in the den, grading student papers, when Theo sent me a random email. Cracked me up!

2016-11-23 09.29.37

Lentil and potato dal with naan. Very tasty! I realize it looks like gruel, but it tasted really good!

2016-11-23 20.36.40

Seriously, only this kid can wake up with a massive bloody nose and look so darn happy about it!

2016-11-26 16.25.34



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