Nov 22, 2015: I’ve Had Better Weeks

Well…we’ve surely had better weeks around here. This one would’ve been fine except that we had to say goodbye to our sweet old pug, Luna, somewhat unexpectedly. We knew she didn’t have too long left, but we thought she at least had a few more weeks or months. But on Tuesday night, it became apparent that the time had come…and I spent much of the rest of the week trying not to cry. I wrote a long post about Luna (with adorable pictures!); click here if you haven’t yet read it. I also wrote a piece about Theo that has been brewing in my mind for weeks, which relates a bit to Luna and a bit to other things; click here to read that one.

Anyway, the Small zoo is down to two kittens and one pug, and it’s rather sad how quiet it seems around here, even though Luna spent most of the last few months quietly sleeping at my feet or on my lap. She leaves a big hole, that’s for sure.

But of course life had to go on, even though I really wanted to just go bury myself in bed and cry. The morning after I put Luna to sleep, I had to be out of the house by 6:30am to drive down to NASA for a charity event. It was a good and useful event, even though my heart wasn’t really in it, but the big plus was that part of the event was free ice cream, so I did a little stress-eating and had a nice little ice cream sundae!

That same day, I had to meet a new family with a baby with Down syndrome near where the charity event was. They couldn’t meet until after 4:30pm, so that meant I had to kill time in Mountain View. I just kind of wandered around in a fog for three-plus hours, but it was nice to eat a slow, quiet, uninterrupted lunch and then just stroll around window shopping. And meeting the new family lifted my spirits—the parents were really nice and wanted to hear all about Sam, and you all know I love to talk about my kids! I could see the mother’s face light up when I answered her question about what things Sam can do, which was pretty cool. I remember being in her place, wondering what the future would look like for my son, and it was really neat to watch relief and happiness flood her face when I told her all about how Sam’s in preschool with typical kids, learning his letters and numbers and colors.

The weather is gorgeous here right now, which made my three-plus hours of lunch/window shopping quite pleasant…and it also made for a pleasant trip to Roseville yesterday! My friend Amber and I are hopefully going to be shooting a wedding next October, and we had to meet with the bride and groom yesterday. It sounds like a lovely wedding with a really nice couple, so hopefully they’ll decide to have us do it. Chris and the boys went along for the ride and dropped me with Amber, and then we all met back up for lunch at our favorite sushi place. Amber has a pug the same age as Luna—in fact, our pugs are how we met, and we always said that Bailey was Luna’s boyfriend. Her pug, too, is showing age and going downhill, so we had a drink in honor of the pugs. Amber was wise and just had a cider, but I decided some sort of fancy peach drink with vodka and schnapps was the way to go…which was fine except that it went straight to my head! Of course, Chris was there so I didn’t have to worry about it, but wow—what a lightweight I am now! I don’t drink very often, and when I do it goes straight to my head! It sure was tasty, though—as was the sushi.

Our friend Kim joined us for sushi, too, which was fun—we haven’t seen her in almost a year! And Theo was very excited to go to a “four-star” restaurant. (I’m not sure it’s really four stars, but it’s nicer than where we generally go, so he was pretty thrilled.) He devoured garlic edamame, and Sam actually ate pot stickers—go figure. I’m sure he’ll never eat them again, knowing Mr. Picky…

Those who know Chris will not be surprised at all to know where he took the boys while I was meeting the wedding clients: Nugget Market! Though to give him credit, he also took the boys to a hobby store that they really enjoyed—they bought a couple of things for Theo’s Pinewood Derby car that he’ll be building for Cub Scouts later this winter, and they also bought two cheap little propeller toys that are ridiculously fun—those ones that are like a propeller on a stick that you roll between your hands and then throw in the air. We took them to the park on Sunday and had a ball with them. I am the propeller master, if I do say so myself!

Sunday, we were supposed to have company, but unfortunately Papa was sick, so instead we just took the boys to the park. We played with the propellers, as I mentioned, but we also played baseball with a wiffle ball and bat, which both boys enjoyed. Sam loves playing catch (and is surprisingly good at throwing a ball), and he also acted as outfielder when Theo was batting. The fall colors were beautiful—I think the fact that we’ve gotten rain and a cold snap has given us much more vibrant fall color than usual, and it really is lovely!

Anyway, now I have one kiddo (Theo) off all week, so I’ll be taking a forced week off work—not that I mind! Theo and I have some errands to do Monday (kitty vaccines, chiropractor), and Tuesday we’re getting together with his friend, Tico. On Wednesday I plan to have Theo help me prepare the feast for Thanksgiving—he loves to cook, so it should be fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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