Nov 15, 2015: This and That

Happy middle of November! I wish I had some exciting goings-on to report, but I can’t say I do. It’s been a pretty uneventful week. I do, however, have a couple of other blog posts from this week—one about my dad (click here) and one about Theo (click here).

Our zoo of four animals has settled in quite nicely. All four pets now have the run of the house except at night, when we shut the kittens in the bathroom—mostly so they don’t start playing in the middle of the night and wake us all up! I can’t believe how well the pets tolerate each other, and in fact they seem to look forward to playing together—even good old Luna, who can barely walk!

Saturday morning was a Cub Scout morning—Theo’s den (or is it pack? I always figure which is the smaller group and which is the bigger) had to hand out flyers for the food drive, which just involved traipsing around our given neighborhood and sliding flyers under doormats. But it got the boys a nice walk, since Sam wanted to “help” as much as possible. Good training for a future Cub Scout!

After we finished our Cub Scout event, we grabbed a little lunch, and then Sam and I walked downtown for a birthday party he was invited to. It was a pirate-themed party, and it was good fun, though a bit hard for me (but that’s another post for another time).

We stuck close to home today, too. Theo had a piano lesson in the morning (he’s still doing awesome with that!), and then we all did some grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. FEEL THE EXCITEMENT! (And sense the sarcasm…)

Seriously, sorry our week was so dull. Next week I’ll try to spice it up! In the meantime, enjoy the pictures. 🙂

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