May 14, 2017: Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there of kids with two legs or four! And for all of the women whose hearts are hurting today—because their children are no longer here with them, because their mom is no longer here with them, because they have struggled unsuccessfully to become a mother, or for whatever the reason—I hope the day passed by peacefully for you. Unfortunately, I know all too many women whose hearts hurt on Mother’s Day, which makes me feel a little guilty about celebrating it.

I have both of my kiddos here with me, and I also have my mom nearby and my mother-in-law not too far away—and for all this, I feel very grateful. We passed the day relatively uneventfully. I went out for coffee with my mom this morning, while Chris took the boys to McDonald’s for breakfast. (Our garbage disposal is broken and leaking all over, making it hard to do dishes—good excuse to eat out, he figured!) When I got home in the late morning, we headed out to run some errands and grab lunch at our favorite pizza-by-the-slice place. In the mid-afternoon, we stopped at our favorite ice cream place, where I had a scoop of Thai iced tea and a scoop of vanilla salted almond toffee—both excellent!


Sam is so cute when he eats ice cream. He sits cross-legged and carefully wedges the bowl in his lap. Then he methodically and ever-so-carefully eats every last bite with his spoon, pausing only to request a napkin if he spills a drop. Unlike my older son, this one is a bit of a neat freak and likes to mop up any spills. I’m trying to nurture that tendency. 😉 (That said, he loves to play in the dirt and has no issues with being dirty—he just likes things in order and spills cleaned up. It’s really rather lovely!)


2017-05-14 14.08.29

Our errands included spending way too much money, but unfortunately it was necessary. I have worn completely through the sole on one of my shoes, so I needed a new pair. I get blisters from nearly every shoe I try to wear, so pretty much the only summer shoe I’ll buy now is Birkenstocks—and only one particular style. They now cost an astounding $150/pair, though! Good lord!! But they’re the only shoe that never gives me a blister, and they do last for at least two years of daily wear when I buy them, so I suppose I can’t complain. (In the winter, I have a pair of Merrell clogs that don’t give me a blister, so I switch to those when it gets cold. I’ve been wearing them daily in the winter for I believe three years now. No one can say I don’t get my money’s worth out of an expensive pair of shoes, I guess!)

The second pricey stop was for new glasses. I haven’t gotten new glasses in some years, and my prescription has changed—plus, I now need progressive lenses. Sigh…getting older.

I generally wear contacts, but I’m having trouble with them lately and find myself wearing glasses more and more lately, so I figured I should at least have the right prescription. But heavens, glasses have gotten expensive! Our insurance doesn’t cover them, so we’re out a whopping $570 for the darn glasses. OUCH! And that was with a 30 percent discount!!

For the times I’m wearing contacts, I now need to add reading glasses over them, so I picked up a cheapie pair of those at the drugstore. I think they’re kind of cute, though, despite being cheap:


Anyway, so Mother’s Day consisted of spending too much money on necessary things, as well as eating tasty food. And my favorite guys got me a box of See’s candy and a dozen yellow roses!


On Saturday, we spent the day at Special Kids Day out in the rural area about 45 minutes east of us. It was so clear out that you could easily see the mountain we live on in the distance:


The Lions Club has been putting on this event for 40 years, and it really is a lot of fun. It’s held at a farm, and they have all kinds of activities and such for kids with disabilities—of all ages. As usual, Sam was a little leery—he is not a big fan of crowds, and even though this event is never terribly crowded and is very low-key, he just gets rather clingy in that type of situation. And so it was. But he had fun in spite of it (and our backs didn’t give out from carrying him everywhere). He very much enjoyed the music, even saying to me “Dance more!” when I tried to encourage him to come with me to another part of the event. Two words together, unprompted—exciting!! He also loved the hay ride, and said “More!” in protest when they unloaded us after the ride.

Speaking of music, my never-shy nine-year-old announced that he wanted to do karaoke—in front of a crowd of a couple hundred people. His confidence astounds me! He was adamant that he wanted to perform the Ray Parker Jr. classic “Ghostbusters,” but he actually doesn’t really know the words. So instead, he just free-style rapped a bit, which was rather amusing. Here’s a short clip:


A couple people came up to us after the event and commented that they’d enjoyed Theo’s performance, which of course pleased him to no end!

Speaking of Theo, our cable service (and thus our internet) was down for almost all of Friday, and they kept pushing back the estimated time it would be back up. Theo was furious and stomped up to his room. When he came back down, he had written out his thoughts on the laptop he uses for schoolwork. I have to admit, I laughed:


Such righteous indignation! You have LIED TO THE PUBLIC, Comcast!!! See why I think he’d make a great lawyer or orator? He’s got a serious flair for the dramatic!

The crummy part of the week was finding out that Sam’s X-ray, which was such a nightmare to get, was inconclusive. He moved too much for them to get a clear image, so now we’re back to square one.

They said the next step is to either drug him with Ativan and try again, or do a sedated MRI at the main hospital in Oakland. After discussing it with Chris, I decided on the latter option. Chris had the same thought I did: We’re not sure Ativan will be enough to make Sam comply with the X-ray, as he is super resistant when he doesn’t want to do something, and it kind of seems like a waste of time and just another torturous day for him. So I guess we’ll do a darn MRI…sigh…. At least we’ll finally have confirmation that his spine is clear and he can safely participate in any activities, so that’ll be a good thing. And we can move forward with a sedated hearing test/tubes/ear cleaning, too.

This decision was further cemented today, by the way, when Chris attempted to take Sam for a haircut (at my request: “Sam needs a haircut, and I have to do ALL the crappy things he hates with him. It’s Mother’s Day, so how about you take him for a haircut??”). It was a total no-go—Sam screamed like a banshee, and they had to give up. Fun times…

Anyway, that was our week. Pictures below!

More from Special Kids Day:


This heroine (whose name escapes me–Jinn??) from Star Wars: The Force Awakens was one of the ONLY ones who didn’t get a shriek and scowl from Sam:


Can you see the beanbag he threw flying in the air? Kid has got an arm on him!! When he’s just a bit older, we need to start Challenger Baseball and Special Olympics. I think he’ll love it!



Petting zoo!




Lunch break (for three of us—I couldn’t eat the food, but that’s okay):


Motorcycle ride!


We met Russell from Up!, all grown up! Gosh, I love that movie…


And Theo met some favorite friends from Star Wars:


Picture taken at the Gala last weekend. My date is handsome, don’t you think??


I burnt the crap out of this. You can’t really tell, though. Chris was a good sport about it:


This was delicious! The little balls are actually pasta (called fregola, I think), and they had radishes, pea shoots, fried leeks, and pecorino romano cheese mixed in. So yummy!


Stir-fried noodles with cashews, mushrooms, celery root, and radishes. Yummy!


Sun Basket accidentally sent me the wrong meal! They refunded the cost of it (LOVE their customer service!!), but obviously we couldn’t send the ingredients back. So I made it anyway, and I have to admit, it was much tastier than I thought it would be. It’s sole on top of spinach and topped with a dried apricot, date, and almond mixture. It was surprisingly good!

2017-05-10 21.17.49

This was an Italian vegetable soup. I under-salted it, so I can’t say it was my favorite. But it was decent:

2017-05-09 21.07.01


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