Mar 19, 2017: Well, Shit

Okay, sorry for the profanity in the title, but it’s actually meant both literally and figuratively. The stomach bug has hit us again! Sam recovered from his puke bout last weekend quickly, and he was healthy and happy all week long. Then Theo woke up Saturday morning and was fine, but started saying his stomach was a little upset after breakfast. To put it very politely, we didn’t see any physical effects of said upset stomach, and he was insistent that he felt well enough to go on his long-awaited Cub Scout camping trip, so Chris took him, assuming he had just eaten something that slightly disagreed with him.

Sam and I headed out for lunch with Grandma Diane, and we had a nice time and all enjoyed our bagels. But then about an hour after we got home, Sam got sick. Not puke this time…the other. 😉 And Chris texted me from the campground that Theo was napping in the tent. Napping. When they’re at the beach, which he LOVES. With his Cub Scout friends, who he LOVES playing with. Napping. That didn’t sound promising…

By evening, it was clear Sam had a bug…and then it started up for me, too. Delightful. And Chris had taken the Imodium with him camping, just in case Theo needed it for his stomach.

So Sam and I soldiered through the night, and he woke up for the day at 5:20am—but then fell asleep on the couch on and off for the next four hours. We finally ventured across the street to get some more Imodium, and now the little guy is happily playing, and I’m writing all about shit on our blog. This is the life, people!

I’m disappointed because not only did I miss girls’ weekend last weekend, but now we get to miss the World Down Syndrome Day picnic at the park, which I was really looking forward to! Most of our favorite local peeps are attending, and now we have to miss seeing them! Poop. (Literally and figuratively, you see??)

But anyway, mostly I’m just grateful to get this out of the way before we head to Washington DC in two weeks. Because it’s inevitable that we will get the stomach virus at least once a year, and I was afraid we might get it right before our trip. Better to get it now. Hopefully this isn’t one of those recurring viruses that will come back on us after we get over it. Cross your fingers, please.

Moving on from the topic of shit, it was actually a pretty uneventful week, except for one thing: Sam is chattering up a storm! Still mostly unintelligible, but it’s very exciting to see how much he’s trying! And in terms of prompted speech, he’s doing really well. Check out this week’s speech therapy video! I love the way he says “three” and “yes”!

And here are the pix from the week. Anyone want to send healthy stomach vibes our way, we’re taking ‘em! Hopefully next week I’ll have a more fun, less shitty week to report on.

Not the greatest picture of Sam, but I just love his shirt!

2017-03-13 18.21.16

No, I didn’t punch him. This is how Theo’s eyes get during allergy season. Poor kid! We had to double-dose him: This was AFTER a dose of Benadryl, so we had to add in a dose of Claritin, too. Poor guy said he woke up and couldn’t get his eyes to open!

2017-03-13 20.12.18

In case anyone hasn’t seen the effect Benadryl has on Theo, I present to you photographic evidence of his first experience with Benadryl, when he got stung by a bee:

2017-03-13 23.22.01

This was sweet potato “noodles” (aka, sweet potatoes cut into noodles) with a mushroom cream sauce, parmesan, and almonds. It was really yummy!

2017-03-14 20.34.35

“Buffalo” cauliflower salad. Really tasty but would’ve been even better if I had made more of the sauce!

2017-03-15 20.57.35

The sleep cycle of an insomniac. At least I got a couple of nice stretches in the middle of the night, but that first third of the night was rather brutal!

2017-03-16 06.29.42

Oh, and here’s the sleep cycle of someone with the stomach virus (which actually was better than I thought, though I could’ve used more than 4 hours and 52 minutes of sleep!

2017-03-19 06.10.14

Sam doing his “excited pose” about something on the iPad. Finally got his follow-up eye appointment…in MAY. Sigh…

2017-03-16 17.53.09

Because every outfit is better with a tie…

2017-03-16 18.01.28

Broccoli and ricotta calzones with homemade marinara:

2017-03-16 21.23.06

This sequence of pictures is blurry because the animals were moving too quickly, but I think they’re funny because you can see Violet bullying Zoe!

2017-03-16 22.30.24

2017-03-16 22.30.29

2017-03-16 22.30.30

Sam and his speech therapist. He loves her, though he was not so interested in being photographed right here!

2017-03-17 11.00.51

The campsite:

2017-03-18 15.43.12

2017-03-18 16.18.06

2017-03-18 16.18.49

Overcast day, but they still had fun!

2017-03-18 16.33.20

He took a nap shortly after this:

2017-03-18 16.38.36

Sunrise this morning:

2017-03-19 07.07.08

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

2017-03-19 06.46.19

He napped on the couch for four hours this morning. At least he had a kitty to keep him company.

2017-03-19 08.19.55



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