Lazy Staycation

The flu is whipping through our community like wildfire: both influenza A and B, and it doesn’t seem to be discriminating based on who got flu shots and who didn’t. So, instead of going out and doing many fun activities, we’ve been mostly hunkering down at home.

The boys are off school for another week, so it’s not that I worry about them missing school or anything. Rather, it’s just that Sam tends to get sicker than the rest of us when we get sick, and the flu seems to be hitting people particularly hard. So, I’d prefer to avoid it! I had the flu about four years ago and was sick as a dog, so I’m not anxious to repeat that—especially not with Sam. Plus, Theo has a four-day cooking camp next week, and to be honest it wasn’t cheap, so I’d prefer he not miss it! He’ll have a lot of fun. They cook five recipes a day and do various other food-related activities, so he’ll love it. I’d hate to see him get sick and miss it—plus I’d mourn the loss of money it cost!

Staying home has its benefits, though. Theo has made a couple of recipes out of new cookbooks he got for Christmas. We’ve played some games with Theo.  I’ve done some puzzles with Sam and played with his new toys with him. We’ve watched a couple of movies.

2017-12-28 13.06.54



Sorting is an IEP goal of his, and I think we’re well on our way to meeting that one:

Sam has engaged in his favorite new pastime of dropping laundry from the top floor…


…to the bottom floor:


(And mama spent time wondering when he would lose interest in this fun new habit.)

Now that we’re finished with Christmas leftovers, I resumed cooking. Like this freekeh salad with roasted brussels sprouts and carrots, topped with feta and mint:

2017-12-30 20.56.42

We also went out to eat a few times. This is a terrible picture, but I share it so you can see that my salad is considerably bigger than Theo’s head! I barely made a dent in it—and I have a decent appetite!

2017-12-31 12.48.54

Chris and Theo went to Theo’s first NBA game: Kings v. Suns. They started out with seats WAAAAAY up high in the second deck (nosebleed!). Look way up near the ceiling in this picture, and you’ll have an idea of where they sat:


But as they sat in their nosebleed seats, eating the $4 hot dogs one can get if one goes to the game early, a man from the arena came up and asked if those were their seats. Chris said yes, and the man replied, “We had a season ticket holder who couldn’t attend tonight and asked us to give his tickets to someone who would appreciate them—preferably someone with a child. Would you and your son like them?” Of course, Chris said yes…and they got moved down here!


No joke! Chris said it was a good game, made all the better by the incredible seats. What luck!! Theo had a ball (pun intended!).

Also, because the game was about two hours away from our house and didn’t even start until 7pm, Chris got a hotel room for him and Theo. Theo loves nothing more than cozying up in a hotel bed:


Meanwhile, Sam and I went out for burgers and fries with Grandma Diane. Grandma offered Sam a sip of her salted caramel milkshake, which he decided he liked and would take over as his own. Good thing Grandma is a good sport!



By this point he has taken it over completely:


This “don’t you touch my milkshake” stink-eye is my favorite!




And back at the ranch, the animals cozied up on the couch. They aren’t aware they’re different species and are not supposed to like each other:

2017-12-29 19.59.47

She sleeps in some fun poses:

2017-12-30 22.17.55

We also did some much-needed purging of old toys and making room for new ones. Always a satisfying task! And we ordered baby-proofing supplies in preparation for Sam’s transition from crib to big-boy bed.

God help us on that one. I am dreading it but have decided that I can put it off no longer—well, at least once his sixth birthday rolls around in a month. That’s the magic day: his sixth birthday. Please send me good vibes on February 4, 2018. I will need it.

Why the transition, you ask? (Or maybe you’re saying, “He’s still in a crib?!”) Answer: Yes, he’s still in a crib. He likes it in there, so we saw no reason to rock the boat. It ensured he was safe in the night, too. But he’s gone through a big growth spurt, which means two things:

  • He’s getting too heavy for me to comfortably lift out of the crib—especially when he’s feeling uncooperative and won’t stand up, and I have to get him out because I need to take Theo to school (so I can’t exactly sit around for an hour waiting for Sam to decide to cooperate).
  • He’s now too big for a portable crib/Pack-n-Play when we travel, so we need to get him used to a bed before June, when we leave on our trip.

This wouldn’t be so daunting if he had his own room, where we could just remove any Potentially Dangerous Objects and essentially lock him in there at night. (No, I wouldn’t actually lock him in. But yes, I would put up a baby gate he couldn’t get past so he couldn’t wander the house at night.) But he shares a room with Theo, so we need to leave it so Theo has free access in and out of the room at night for bathroom trips. Which means Sam may be able to circumvent the gate we’re putting up, too.

And more annoyingly, when we have tried Sam in a regular bed, he does not sleep. He climbs out over and over to harass whoever is in the room (in this case Theo). “Oh, he’ll fall asleep eventually!” you might say. And I would invite you to go back in time to late March 2017, when we were in a Washington DC hotel and we had Sam in one bedroom with us while Theo took the other bedroom. We put Sam in his Pack-n-Play (which he had really outgrown, but we were giving it one last shot), turned out the lights, and climbed into bed, figuring he’d follow our lead, lie down, and go to sleep.

That did not happen. He climbed out of the Pack-n-Play repeatedly. At some point, I gave up on the Pack-n-Play and just took him into my bed, thinking we’d try co-sleeping. Surely if he was snuggled down in a warm bed next to me, lying calmly in the dark, he would eventually fall asleep.

That did not happen. At 2:30am, that child was still up and wild as a hedgehog. Yes, 2:30am. He is that stubborn.

So please, on February 4, think of us. Send your good vibes our way. Also maybe some wine and chocolate. I think we’re gonna need it.

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