July 31, 2016: A Little Break

Hi all! I’ve decided not to do a full blog post this weekend because our weekend is just too busy! In addition to getting ready for our trip in a couple of days, we need to do some work in the backyard (finishing the deck repairs and getting the grass mowed for the pet/housesitter), clean up the house for said pet/housesitter, take a large load of donation stuff to Goodwill, and help Grandma Diane get settled in her new place, which she moved into Friday. And I’m going to a comedy show with my friend Jeanette on Sunday night! All this leaves little time for blogging, so I’ll just say this:

  • Sam finished CRP, and we are delighted with what amazing progress he made in the program!
  • Sam was featured in the Tri-Valley Times newspaper section as part of the CRP program! Click here to read the story.
  • Theo finished day camp and is determined to go back next year because he had such a great time.
  • Grandma Diane is moved in and living in a sea of boxes at this very moment.
  • I had a blog post earlier in the week that might be of interest. Click here if you want to read it!

In less than 48 hours, we hit the road for two weeks! I’ll be back with full updates in a few weeks!

In the meantime, enjoy your August!

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