July 10, 2016: Week in Review

Well, I think I last posted on Monday afternoon, before we went to fireworks, so let’s start there! Fireworks! One of my favorite things. We went…we had fun…it was awesome!

Actually, Sam didn’t think it was so awesome at first, but he quickly warmed to it. He’s been a little iffy in loud/crowded places lately, so we knew it was hit or miss whether it would work, but we decided to give it a try. As it turned out, the crowd didn’t bother him, but the loud, bright fireworks kind of freaked him out at first. He calmed down pretty quickly and began saying, “Oooh…BOOM!” for them and muttering other things about fireworks, though. You could still feel some tension in his body (which is normally very cuddly/floppy), but it seemed like he was enjoying himself…with slight reservation. He applauded wildly at the end, so I think overall it was a good time for him. And Theo enjoyed them very much, too—he’s beyond the age of getting nervous about them, so we knew he’d do just fine.

The week was spent doing CRP (for Sam) and camp (for Theo). I’ve written a separate post about CRP; click here to read it. But as far as camp goes, it continues to be a big hit with Theo! This week their mini-field trip was bowling, which he always enjoys, and their big field trip was to Angel Island, which he loved. I was really envious of that one, as I’ve wanted to go to Angel Island ever since we moved back here.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Angel Island sits out in the San Francisco Bay—not terribly far from Alcatraz, in the grand scheme of things. It was originally inhabited by Native Americans (the Miwok), and then in the early 1900s through World War II, it was a U.S. Immigration Station. Later, in the 1950s and 1960s, it was a missile base. Its military history actually dates all the way back to the Civil War. Nowadays, it’s a state park with a lot of hiking trails and some historical sites from its military past. Theo loved it, as he is into all things history and very much enjoys the outdoors. He also raved about the ferry boat ride they had to take to get there. Apparently there’s a good snack bar on the ferry boat. 😉 I guess they visited the historical sites on the island and took a long hike—they were gone all day, and he arrived home a very tired camper!

They also had a talent show at camp this week, and apparently Theo did a rendition of AC/DC’s “Back in Black” with “ninja dance moves.” Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that one! He said he chose that song rather than “Highway to Hell” because “that one has a bad word, and I don’t swear at camp.” Now if only he’d stick to that rule at home, too!

As for me, I spent the week shuttling kids to camp and CRP and made a couple of stops at my mom’s new residence—she will be moving just about 10 minutes away from us in a few weeks, which we’re very excited about! Theo, in particular, has a great interest in what Grandma’s new place will be like: “How many bedrooms is it, Mom? How many bathrooms? Is it a clean bathroom? What floor is it on? What’s the address number?” And on and on and on. He’s a details guy, for sure. He gets that from his dad—HA!

On Saturday I snagged a couple of free passes to a children’s museum in Santa Rosa that we’ve never visited and that I had heard good things about, so we went there. The boys had a great time! Theo is still just barely young enough to find those fun (by next year I suspect he will have mostly outgrown them), and he and Chris reportedly spent a lot of time in the outdoor gravel pit. Meanwhile, Sam was entranced with the inside exhibits and spent a lot of time at the train/transportation exhibits and at a particular exhibit of a mock treehouse, where you could send items up and down in a little basket rigged to a pulley. Sam started out a bit tentative (noise + crowds + near naptime = tentative Sam), but he quickly got into the swing of things and played hard for two hours. And then both boys slept in the car on the way home, which was good because we dragged them back out that night for a walk over to the concert in the park. Our town has those every other Saturday night in the summer, but we hadn’t yet made it to one this year due to weather issues (two were rained out, and for one it was over 100 degrees…ugh!). Theo quickly met up with a little girl from camp and played with her on the playground, and Sam danced and played on the swings and went down the slides. It was a fun end to a good day.

And today we just went to the park for a bit, had bagels, and then came home for a nap for Sam, blogging for me, and deck-fixing for Theo and Chris. And at some point I suppose I ought to get the house cleaned up, since the camera crew for Sam’s shoot is supposed to come here either tomorrow or Tuesday. I did find out it’s a television commercial, not Internet. Hopefully I’ll still get access to an Internet version of it so I can share it here, for those of you who won’t see it on TV. (Heck, I won’t even see it on TV, since we record everything and skip through the commercials!)

I have a fun little video for you, but first a bit of backstory. On Friday, Sam woke for the day at 4:45am (ugh!), and then he didn’t take a nap because he had speech therapy and occupational therapy. He normally naps around 1:15, but we got home from OT at 2:30 and I decided to put the very tired boy down. He didn’t sleep, but he seemed content in his crib, so I left him in there for an hour of “quiet time.” I could hear him babbling over the monitor and figured all was well.

All was well…more or less. But when I went back in to get him after an hour, he was standing in the crib with only a shirt on, with his boy parts swinging in the breeze, and looking happy as can be. “Where are your pants?” I said, laughing. I figured he had just gotten bored and removed them.

Um, no. Upon further inspection, I discovered that he had pooped, grabbed his changing pad from the floor outside the crib and dragged it in through the crib slats, and attempted to change his own diaper. In doing so, he had hurled the dirty diaper and the ball of poop out of the crib and onto the floor. Oh, and peed all over the crib while he was at it. But all I could do was laugh as he stood there, half naked and happy, holding up his thumb in a thumbs-up position and announcing, “Mom, thumb!” When I pointed to the poop on the floor, he said cheerfully, “Oh no!” He was just so darn proud of himself, and I couldn’t help but admire his ingenuity in pulling the changing pad into the crib to take care of the task at hand! However, I was reminded of why we put him in a sleep sack overnight—he hasn’t yet figured out how to remove those! Anyway, this little video is in the aftermath, and I think it’s funny because he responds to the poop allegation, expresses his displeasure over the idea of the potty (you can see the growl he does whenever he doesn’t like something!), and then goes on to put together two words in a short sentence of sorts. Exciting times! Well, maybe not the poop cleanup, but the rest of it…

And while I’m at it, a very short video clip of him doing speech therapy, just because the way he says “ballet” is so cute!

Oh, before I forget, I also had another midweek blog post, though it likely only interests a portion of you: I wrote about the exciting topic of perimenopause! Warning: It’s a bit explicit in parts. It’s meant to be humorous, though I know that sometimes my dry sense of humor isn’t readily apparent in writing. But I realized recently that people don’t seem to talk about the reality of this rather dreadful period (pun intended!) in a woman’s life. You see clinical stuff about “hormone shifts may cause mood swings and hair loss,” but you don’t hear many stories about what it’s really like. So I decided to write one…hopefully in a somewhat humorous way. Anyway, if the topic interests you, click here.

See you next week!

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