Jan 3, 2016: Staycation!

Sob…the week of staycation is coming to an end, and we’ll be back to the grind tomorrow! I am not particularly excited about that. It’s been a lovely week of little, fun activities, even if Chris did end up having to work every day for an hour or two.

Because Theo and Sam are both off school the week between Christmas and New Year’s and Chris’s company is shut down for the week, I decided to take the week off too. And we had originally thought we might take a couple of days and go somewhere, but we eventually decided to just save money and stay home and putter around here. We’re hoping to be able to do a couple of small trips this summer and maybe even a very short jaunt over Spring Break, so we decided we might as well just save for that. And as it turned out, it was probably a good idea since Chris ended up having to work a bit every day.

I had one meeting (on Monday afternoon), but it only took about an hour and was quite useful, so I didn’t mind. I just scheduled Sam’s speech therapy for the same day, so we got both obligations out of the way in one day. And between the two, we went to the local outdoor ice rink (open every December), and Theo and I went ice skating! This is our fourth Christmas here, and every year we think about going to the ice rink, and every year we never do. Too busy, too cold, too expensive…there’s always something that prevents us from doing it. But this year we did, and I’m glad—Theo and I had a ball! He managed a little over an hour before tiring out, but that was fine because by then Sam was finished playing at the adjoining park. Despite Chris’s legendary ice skating skills, he gamely agreed to take Sam to the park while Theo and I took to the ice. Ha ha, poor Chris will never live down the one time he went ice skating with me! Honestly, he is a man of many talents…but ice skating is not one of them. I still giggle when I think about it, and it was ten years ago!

Tuesday we went down to San Jose for the day, but not to see any relatives, surprisingly! We actually had an errand to run down there, but as it turned out, no one in Chris’s family was available that day, so we just puttered around downtown Willow Glen on our own after our errand was over. It was a nice, sunny day, perfect for a stroll.

We actually had nice (but cold!) weather almost all week, which is surprising because it’s supposed to rain for at least 12 of the next 15 days! We just managed to get a dry week (mostly) for our staycation. Lucky us! Anyway, the one day that it wasn’t very nice was Wednesday, which was the day we took BART into San Francisco and walked to the Aquarium by the Bay. We had passes that we had won at a charity event earlier in the year, and they were going to expire the next day. It wasn’t supposed to rain on Wednesday, so I said, “Let’s just go for it,” despite the gloomy weather. As it turned out, the forecast was wrong—it rained all day, and we had a somewhat long walk from BART to the aquarium and back. But, it was only a light rain, so no harm done. Theo really enjoyed the aquarium—he was fascinated by the sharks and starfish. Sam slept through it on Chris’s back. 🙂 My favorite was the octopus—very cool!

On New Year’s Eve, we spent the morning with Theo’s friend Tico and his dad—the two older boys and the dads went to see The Good Dinosaur while I walked around the shopping center with Sam. We figured Sam was unlikely to sit for a 90-minute movie (unless it was Thomas!), so rather than wasting $20 on his ticket and mine, I just opted out and walked around the shopping center with him. There was a Barnes & Noble in there, so we played at the train table, looked at a few books, and had a snack in their café. Then we met back up with the others for hamburgers and fries for lunch!

Chris and I actually met on New Year’s Eve (eleven years ago!), so to commemorate the momentous occasion, we cleaned pug and kitten fur out of the Roomba vacuum. Because that’s the kind of romantic, fun-loving people we are. Ha! Actually, I’ve just been meaning to do it for a while, and we had nothing else to do. So it got done. We watched a little Netflix together, and Chris was asleep long before midnight. I was only awake to greet the new year because I couldn’t sleep—and I actually missed midnight because I was reading a book and didn’t notice.

On New Year’s Day, we took a drive up to Davis. We had in mind to wander around the town and then go to a neat park up there, but it was FREEZING! (Our highs have been about 50 degrees—it’s been in the high 40s for much of the days. And a bit damp, which makes it feel colder.) So we did wander around a bit and have some lunch, but everything was closed, so it was kind of pointless wandering. But the boys enjoyed it, so it was not a wasted trip. We even got to see an Amtrak train pulling into the station, which thrilled them. Free entertainment is always good!

Saturday and Sunday were just spent doing a few errands and playing lots of board games. Theo is finally old enough to really get/enjoy board games, and so he’s forever asking us to play them. Santa Claus brought him the board game Payday for Christmas, which is one I had enjoyed as a kid and knew he’d like. He is indeed obsessed! Anything with money is a big hit with him, and we let him be the banker because it’s good math practice for him. You have to watch him, though—he’s forever “accidentally” embezzling funds!

Speaking of games, here’s a long video that won’t be terribly interesting to many, but I think it’s cool! This is Sam (and me) working on some speech flashcards on his new iPad. He loves the speech apps, especially the flashcards, which is very cool. You can see how excited he is when he can say the words! You can also see that he switches from the alphabet ones to the vehicle ones in the middle—he likes the alphabet, but he loves anything to do with vehicles, so that is always his flashcard set of choice!

In case you missed it, I did a Year in Review post for 2015—click here to read it!

I hope you all had a wonderful last week of 2015 and that 2016 brings many good things!

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