How to Treat Frostbite

Chris took Theo to a Cub Scout Den meeting the other night while I stayed home with Sam. They had a first responder visiting, and apparently the man asked if anyone knew what to do in case of frostbite. According to Chris, Theo raised his hand and gave an incredibly detailed explanation about how to treat frostbite—earning him a round of applause from the surprised parents! I bet the first responder wasn’t expecting QUITE this much detail! I had Theo tell me what he had shared, since I wasn’t at the meeting (video below).

In case you’re wondering where he got this info, he read it in a book Grandma Kathy bought him some time back at a thrift store—Survival Handbook: Polar Expedition. He has an incredible memory—all he needs to do is read or see something once, and he can spit it back to you, often verbatim. (That is, if it interests him. Like most people, he ignores what doesn’t interest him.) I think that’s part of autism for him—and I have to admit, it may be the part of autism I love the most! It’s like having my very own walking, talking encyclopedia of random facts. And hey, now I know what to do if I ever get frostbite—or trench foot!


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