Hospital Adventures

This week, Sam had his long-awaited sedated hearing test, ear tube insertion, ear cleaning, and tonsil peek. The upshot?

  • He passed his hearing test!
  • He now has new tubes that should last two to four years and should help with the fluid buildup he tends to get.
  • He now has nice, clean ears! The smaller of his ear canals was apparently packed with wax, which is probably why he wasn’t hearing as well as he might.
  • His tonsils aren’t terribly enlarged. They rate them on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being normal and each step up being another step larger. His are a 2, which means he can keep them! Whew! Tonsillectomy is supposed to be a brutal recovery, so I was very glad to hear this.

It was a long day at the hospital—about six hours—but it’s good to have it all done!

Gowned up but not yet sedated:

You get to watch LOTS of iPad when you’re stuck in the hospital! Sam is the human pretzel, by the way. Low muscle tone for the win!

2017-10-09 10.36.51-1

He wanted to hold my hand. When they were giving him the oral sedative, he cried and said “Home!” which broke my heart–he’s never said that word before, so to hear him say it because he really, truly wanted to be out of the hospital just made me so sad!

In recovery. The wires look horrifying, but this is actually a very GOOD picture. He was sleeping peacefully, and all his vitals were perfect. I was one relieved mama!

With a little luck, that’s the last time we’ll see a hospital with him for a good long while!


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