He Makes Me Dance

I secretly love to dance. When I hear a song I like, I picture myself dancing to it. And in my head, I’m good. I mean, I’ve got some moves when I imaginary-dance! I’ve got rhythm; I’ve got soul!

In reality, I dance like…well, probably like Jabba the Hut would. I don’t have rhythm. I’m pretty sure I don’t have soul. And I’ve got about 50 extra pounds of weight that jiggle like Jabba. It’s not pretty.

But for Sam, I dance. Sam and Theo both love music, but Theo listens to it very seriously, analyzing the melody and attempting to re-create it sometimes. Sam, on the other hand, lives to dance. He hears music and his head starts bobbing; his feet start tapping. Sometimes he bobs his head even when the rest of us don’t hear any music. I think he hears songs in his head and feels compelled to dance.

Tonight we took the boys to the first Concert in the Grove of the season. During the spring and summer, our small town has concerts two Saturday nights a month in the downtown park. They’re fun, and half the community turns out to listen to music, chat, drink wine, and yes, dance. Theo had fun playing with his friends from school on the playground. But Sam was in it for the music. He played on the playground for a bit, but then he took it upon himself to run through the crowd to get closer to the stage, stopping to dance whenever the mood struck him.

He shook. He shimmied. He bounced. And sometimes he raced around in crazy little circles. He did all of this with a look of glee, and every so often he would stop, bob his head to the beat, and then throw up his arms and yell, “YAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” like the most exuberant concertgoer ever.

And what do you do when your kid dances with such glee? You join in, of course. So I shook. I bobbed. I shimmied. I danced. And I had a ball.

Naturally, Sam gained a lot of attention with his joyful dancing. And undoubtedly, people noticed Jabba the Hut shaking it next to him. But no one cared, because Sam’s joy is infectious. No one cared at all…least of all me.

Thanks, Sam, for making me dance.

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