Grumble, Grumble

Did you know a group of pugs is called a grumble? Isn’t that the greatest name ever?

Our grumble of pugs became just one pug a little more than two years ago. We knew we’d get another, but we weren’t in a hurry. When the time was right and the right pug came along, we’d know it.

Pugs like we want don’t come along often. We wanted a young pug, but not a puppy. And we wanted a female. And we wanted it healthy. Most adoptable pugs are elderly or have been neglected and thus suffer from health issues. (Pugs don’t work as outside dogs, and sometimes the adoptable ones have been left outside and ignored, and they end up with skin issues or worse.)

Shortly after Christmas, a woman on my community Facebook group posted that she wanted to adopt a pug. Another community member posted a picture of FIVE of her pugs, and I commented, “Wow, you have five pugs? That’s awesome! I love pugs–we have one and we’re hoping to adopt another one next fall.” (The plan was to adopt one after our summer road trip.)

That woman contacted me privately and sent me this picture:

With a note that this pug, Lulu, needed a home. Well, as you can imagine, I melted. She’s 14 months old–still young and playful and a companion for a long, long time, but not a tiny puppy destroying the house.

She’s spayed. She’s current on vaccines. She’s healthy. And she wasn’t mistreated. In her first home, they had four large cats that beat her up. Her second owners adopted her but then quickly realized that their older, much larger dogs didn’t appreciate her energy. So they started meeting with possible adoptive homes.

Two days ago, I took Zoe to meet Lulu, and they got along perfectly. Lulu’s owners said Lulu did fine with every dog she met…but that she seemed to take to Zoe right away. “It’s like they’re speaking pug!” they said. Indeed. Pugs are a super-friendly breed, and Zoe and Lulu were fast friends.

Two days later (today), they let us know they thought we would be the best home for her.

No, Chris isn’t divorcing me. I have his blessing.

The cats have met her and looked slightly disgusted but then wandered off to do their own thing.

Our pet sitter told me last week, “Get her!! We’ll do fine while you’re gone!” (Our pet sitter stays at our house, so she won’t be alone.)

So…here’s Lulu! And we now once again have a grumble of pugs!

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