Fleet Week 2017!

Fleet Week arrived!! We were very excited to go see the Blue Angels. Well, three of us were. The fourth has absolutely no interest in planes and thus must not actually be my flesh and blood. But he put on a game face for a picture anyway.

Sam was a little wigged out by the jet engine roar at first, but he acclimated pretty quickly, and soon he was using his ASL approximation for “airplane” and giving a reverent “ooooooh!” every time they flew over.

Such a beautiful day, and we even found a seat on the grass in the shade!

Canadian Snowbirds team:

Some unwise people capsized their sailboat! (They we’re all fine.)

The Snowbirds made a heart!

This sweet boy fell asleep with his head on my tummy between the Patriots performance and the Blue Angels.

747 flyover:

The Blues!!

Sam’s intensely excited face, which he wore for most of the show:

What a fun day!!

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