Feb 7, 2016: A Post with (Almost) No Vomit

Hear ye, hear ye—it’s a post with no vomit! Almost. I’m pleased to report that Sam is no longer vomiting! And the rest of us aren’t either, though Chris did end up getting the stomach virus on Monday. It didn’t hit him too badly, though. Sam was hit by far the worst of any of us, for whatever reason. And then just when I thought it was all over, I went upstairs Tuesday night to get my cozy robe on…and found dog vomit on both of my robes. I was delighted, let me tell you.

But anyway, all was well until Thursday night, when we took Sam and Theo to a local burger joint for Sam’s birthday dinner, and a kid at the table behind us threw up. Lovely. You should’ve seen the look of horror on Chris’s face. For one, he hates vomit—it totally grosses him out. But he was also stricken by an attack of “OH MY GOD, GET YOUR GERMY CHILD OUT OF HERE!! WE JUST GOT OVER THIS!!!!” Can’t say that I felt any differently….

Anyway, here we are nearly through the weekend and no one has gotten sick, so I guess the little germ trap kept his virus to himself, thank god. And really, we had a lovely little birthday for Sam other than that. The burgers were tasty, and Sam noshed on bacon and French fries, much to his delight. Then we came home and had cake and opened presents. I had baked him a Thomas the Train cake, which he was really excited about, and for the first time he actually took a bite of his birthday cake! The past three years he has simply screamed at it, but this year he took a bite! I’m calling it a victory.

Theo, on the other hand, enjoyed the taste of the cake very much, but he took one look at it and innocently said, “Why didn’t you follow the directions, Mom?”

“What do you mean??” I demanded.

“Thomas’s face, Mom—it looks kinda weird. What happened to it?”

So yeah—I won’t be giving up my day job. But Sam liked it, so it’s all good. And he liked his Thomas the Train presents very much, too. My mom got him some books and puzzles, and he immediately flipped through all of the books, pointing out all the engines he knows. My sister and her family got him a Thomas tent and Thomas wall decals, which I put up on his side of the bedroom—they look really cute! And Saturday morning, when I went in to get him, he was standing up in his crib wide-eyed, pointing to all of the Thomas decals on his wall and chattering away about them. It was really cute!

Chris and I got him a sort of interactive dollhouse thing that has a bunch of songs and phrases that it plays when you put the doll in various places. Theo actually picked it out for him, and I have to say that Sam hasn’t even so much as given it a glance, but Theo really likes it because it has a working elevator! Hey, I guess one out of two ain’t bad. Hopefully Sam will decide to play with it at some point.

He also got a fun remote-control Thomas the Train from Auntie Jeanette that he is really enjoying. It’s Thomas everywhere—he’s in his glory!

On Saturday, we had the annual Pinewood Derby for Theo’s Cub Scout pack. What fun! And what a good chance to learn about sportsmanship. Theo’s car ended up being very cool but quite slow, so there was definitely plenty of opportunity to teach the art of losing gracefully. 😉 It was neat to see all of the cars. I was pleased to see a particular little boy place third overall, because (a) he’s a first-year Tiger Cub, and (b) he is so incredibly sweet with Sam. This boy’s little brother used to go to preschool with Sam, and Sam and Adam were little buddies in their class. They were both mostly nonverbal, but they seemed to communicate quite well and often played together. We were really bummed when Adam got switched into another school. But as it turns out, Adam’s big brother, the Tiger Cub, remembered Sam and kept coming over to play with him. He was so sweet with Sam—teaching him about eyes and ears and noses and keeping him busy between heats. Really nice kid, so I was happy to see him win third place!

After the Derby, we went to our favorite pizza-by-the-slice place for lunch, then went to a park for some playtime in the warm sun. A lovely, relaxed Satuday!

Now here it is Sunday, with a sunny, lovely day stretching ahead of us, and I’m not sure what we’ll do. Chris wants to watch the Super Bowl, but I absolutely detest the sound of football on TV. (Really, I’m not just being bratty—there is something about the sound of it that completely jangles my nerves and sets me on edge. Too many whistles blowing, I think, along with the constant drone of the sportscasters’ chatter.) So he’s going to hole up in the den and watch it while I keep the boys occupied in the rest of the house. (I offered to let him watch on the main TV and I’d just vacate the house on my own, but he somehow wasn’t excited by the idea of watching the boys while watching the game—gee, I don’t know why!!) I have some aspirations of attacking the incredible mess of weeds in our backyard, but we’ll see. With all the rain we’ve had, the weeds have really grown quite impressively. Part of me wants to just wait until the rainy season is over and then pay some high-schooler to spend a Saturday pulling them all out. I feel like if I pull them out now, they’ll just come right back when we get more rain! Anyway, we shall see.

(***Update: Sunday afternoon now, and I DID get ambitious and tackle the yard. With the help of an easily bribed child. When I offered him 5 cents per weed pulled, he quickly pulled 400 weeds and earned $20, which he is now nagging me to go spend on a pedometer. Perhaps a trip to Target is in order during the Super Bowl. And the yard looks much better and well worth the $20 child-labor wages I paid!)

Hope you all have a lovely week. Ours is scheduled to be busy with work stuff, a tax appointment (ugh!!), and a visit from the plumber that hopefully will be covered by our home warranty. (By the way, that home warranty was the best gift ever—it has more than paid for itself in what it’s saved us in repair costs over this year. I will definitely be paying to renew it for another year. I’m pretty sure our A/C unit will need to be replaced in the next couple of years, and heaven knows what else will go wrong.)

Enjoy this week’s pictures! And if you missed it on Sam’s birthday, be sure to check out the music montage I made for his birthday–click here!

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