Feb 5, 2017: Big Week!


What a week! Of course, we had Sam’s fifth birthday—you can read about his milestone birthday if you click here. I can’t say we did much to celebrate, since I was still in a lot of pain, but we did have an ice cream cake for him (which he refused to eat, of course), and he opened presents. Grandma and Papa were here for part of the day, too, so he got to have fun with them. And Chris took the boys to the playground for a bit so I could get some rest, which Sam enjoyed. (Can’t say I was able to nap. Apparently I have a fun post-surgery side effect of twitching while falling asleep. Blah! Hopefully that will go away soon.) And our friends Mike and Roxann stopped by for a short visit to bring us a lasagna they had made for us to enjoy during my recovery. We’re planning to dig in tonight—YUM!

And then there was my surgery, too…

My self-imposed exile paid off—I managed to stay free of a cold or fever before my surgery, so Thursday was the big day!

Truth be told, I remember very little of it. I remember my pre-op nurse coming in and telling me a DELIGHTFUL story about how I should be sure to wear my CPAP every time I fell asleep for the next few days, because anesthesia makes sleep apnea worse, and she had TWO FRIENDS DIE OF RESPIRATORY DISTRESS BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T WEAR THEIR CPAP AFTER SURGERY! Geez, what a story. Though it had the intended result: I wore my CPAP all night long.

I remember kissing Chris goodbye and starting to be wheeled down the hall, but that’s it! In past surgical procedures, I’ve always remembered going in the OR and getting set up there, but this time I don’t remember that at all. Next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery, very nauseated and incredibly thirsty. They gave me some anti-nausea meds and four little cups of apple juice to drink, and it tasted like the best apple juice in the world!

I’m told the surgery took about 3.5 hours and then I was in recovery for several hours. They told me they’d release me if I could pee at least 100ml on my own. Apparently the bladder gets traumatized during these surgeries and sometimes doesn’t start working on its own for a few days, so then you have to stay in the hospital with a catheter. There’s pretty much nothing that grosses me out more than a catheter, so I was determined to pee! The two post-op nurses looked at me and said, “I don’t know…I guess maybe you’ll prove us wrong and do it, but most people can’t do it right away….”

I said, “If there’s anything I can do well, it’s pee. I’m a master at it, given than I go more than twenty times a day. I assure you, I will pee.”

Guess what? I produced 300ml, much to their surprise! So I got to go home. Wheeeeee!

Now, I won’t say peeing was easy. In the first two days, sometimes I had to sit on the toilet for up to 30 minutes to get it all out. But hey—I could do it! My doctor called to check up on me the next day and said that my bladder had been particularly “sticky” and they had a hard time getting the cervix out because of it, but they managed. So maybe that’s why it’s being a bit finicky. She said as long as I was able to pee, it didn’t matter if it took me 30 minutes to do it.

So now you know more than you ever wanted to about my pee! But seriously, ladies, if you ever have a hysterectomy, apparently it’s all about the peeing. The peeing is your ticket outta there!

The first day I felt pretty good. Definitely drugged, though. Chris’s parents came for a couple of days to help out, and I swear my mother-in-law was covered in glitter the first night. Ha ha, those were some goooooood drugs, I think!

The second day was harder. Definitely more pain. I slept most of the morning, but in the afternoon/evening the pain was fairly bad. I’m told that’s the gas pain—everyone I know who’s had this done said the gas pain was the worst part. They blow up your abdomen full of air to do the surgery, and apparently it takes several days after surgery for it all to break up and disperse. Until then, every time a gas bubble makes it down into your lower abdominal region, it’s like someone sticking a large knife in you and twisting it. Good times…

But I’m very glad to have it behind me, and very grateful that Chris’s parents could come up and help out with the boys! It is a big relief to feel like I can reclaim my health in 2017!

So here we are on Sunday, four days post-op, and I’m feeling pretty good. I think I’m ready to start slowly weaning back on the pain meds, and more than anything I just feel tired. So while the boys watch the Super Bowl, which I detest, I think I will just take it easy. Maybe I’ll write my wrestling book, since I can just sit to do that. Or maybe I’ll just lie down and read. Either way, I won’t be doing much, but I feel pretty good! And very much relieved to be on the mend.

Here’s a fun thing! Theo asked me this week to sign him up for a Twitter account. His class has just started using a class Twitter account to reach out to authors of books that they like, and Theo wanted to do the same. Technically, you’re supposed to be 13 to have a Twitter account, but since I can closely monitor it with Theo, I decided to go ahead and let him have one. After all, his tweets are probably going to be more mature than POTUS’s, right? 😉 Anyway, the first person he wanted to tweet was Donald Trump, and I immediately said no because I guarantee Theo wanted to tell him all the ways he thinks he’s not doing a good job. (Theo has very strong feelings about this!) Also, Trump’s tweets can be pretty negative, and I don’t really want Theo seeing them—thinking we’ve got a country filled with “bad hombres” who are poised to attack us. No need to scare the eight-year-old! So I told him to pick someone else.

Okay, he wanted to tweet Barack Obama. I let him do that, and he tweeted him a message that he really wanted him to be president again. He’s a little miffed that Obama hasn’t replied, but I told him he picked someone who gets thousands, if not millions, of tweets a week, so he probably shouldn’t expect a reply.

So next he wanted to tweet his favorite author, JK Rowling. I let him do that, and he tweeted her about his favorite Harry Potter book. However, she didn’t reply (likely for the same reason Obama won’t reply!), and he was kind of bummed. He then tweeted Steph Curry, his favorite basketball player. Also no response yet.

“Maybe pick someone a little less famous,” I suggested. “These famous people get so many people tweeting them that they hire people to answer the tweets, and they can’t even answer them all! Try someone a little less well known.”

Okay, he decided to tweet his second favorite author, Lauren Tarshis, who writes the I Survived… series of books that he loves. He tweeted to ask her what the next I Survived book would be. Guess what? Within a couple of hours, she tweeted him back a picture and said, “See if you can guess, Theo!” Theo immediately guessed (correctly, I think) that it was a picture of the Revolutionary War, so that’s probably the next book in the series. He tweeted her back this morning. He is so excited that one of his author heroes actually responded to him!

He went on to tweet another children’s author he likes (I forget which series it is—Weird School or something like that) this morning, so we’ll see whether he answers. Theo will be ecstatic if he does!

I know not everyone believes in having kids use technology in school, but I’ve gotta say, I think this is really cool. Theo is so excited to think that an author he likes actually paid attention to his question and answered him, and I think that’s really neat! I would’ve been totally excited to have that experience as a kid!

Anyway, on the subject of school, if you missed it earlier in the week, I wrote a post about Sam’s upcoming entry to kindergarten, and why we chose the path we have. Click here to read it.

And pictures from the week!

Theo was delighted with his souvenir from Chris’s trip—a wrist wallet full of tiny chocolates!

2017-01-28 09.52.10

We harvested from our orange tree! Theo wanted to give oranges to our neighbors, so we were left with only half a dozen or so for us, so we made juice! It was super yummy! Hoping for a larger crop next year. Our neighbors loved having the boys come deliver fresh-picked oranges, though, so that was fun!

2017-01-28 14.29.01

2017-01-28 14.29.52

Sam’s OT provider hosted a respite event where you could bring kids and their siblings for a night of Peter Pan–themed fun and parents could slip out for a quick date! We took advantage of that and went to a burger place we’d heard good things about. They had Bloody Mary’s on special, so I tried one. SPICY! But tasty! And the boys had fun at the respite event—they did crafts, watched Peter Pan, played games, and had a snack. It was a neat little event!

2017-01-28 18.25.46

Pinewood Derby was Saturday! I had to miss it because I was on germ exile, but Theo had great fun with his Hogwarts Express car. Harry Potter forever!!

2017-01-29 09.06.16

While Chris and Theo were at Pinewood, I attempted to write a book on hockey. Only my tiniest friend found me in the den working and decided he had to sit on my lap, which made typing rather challenging!

2017-01-29 11.06.12-2

Two kitties, watching a bird on the deck:

2017-01-29 12.40.03

It cracks me up that when he backs up in his Cozy Coupe, he actually looks over his shoulder and turns the wheel, just like an adult does while driving!

2017-01-29 13.54.33

I love living in a town where they still use hitching posts!

2017-01-29 16.21.14

Spicy buffalo cauliflower bites with salad. Really yummy!

2017-01-30 20.47.31

Izzy, the rarely seen kitty:

2017-01-31 07.15.40

Black bean and corn nachos with jalapeño sour cream. These were yummy!

2017-02-01 20.49.10

Pre-op and ready for surgery!

2017-02-02 07.27.29

Recovering at home with my snuggle buddy. Man, I look very drugged here!

2017-02-02 18.47.57-2

Goofy kid:

2017-02-03 16.05.37

My sister sent me beautiful tulips for my recovery:

2017-02-03 17.25.58

Sam opening his birthday present from us—a little bike thingy:


Riding the bike:


Opening a book from Grandma and Papa:


Ready to blow out his candle!


Zoe took over Sam’s other present from us—a tiny Thomas couch:


Birthday dinner of takeout fries and bacon:


The lazy cat likes the Thomas couch, too!




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