DC Day 7: RAIN!

Boy, did we get wet today! We had a VIP tour of the Capitol, arranged by Senator Harris’s staff, but we had to park about a mile away. We got drenched! But when we finally made it, we had a great time on the tour! The rotunda is amazing:

DC Day 7

Family pic in the rotunda:

DC Day 7

Family pic in the old Supreme Court room:

DC Day 7

Theo talked the tour guide’s ear off!

DC Day 7

We were also briefly on CNN, I think. We walked behind CNN reporter Dana Bash as she was interviewing a senator on camera, and our tour guide said we probably ended up in the background on CNN. Our two seconds of non-fame!

After our tour we got lunch and then headed to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. It was so crowded, but Theo still really enjoyed it. (Sam was tired and mostly hung out in the stroller.)

Then we walked over a mile back to our car–in the pouring rain. Drenched again! It’s a good thing we didn’t fly back today, as a ton of flights were cancelled due to thunderstorms and tornado warnings in the area. One of my fellow DS moms was flying back to Washington (state) this evening and is now stuck until Sunday, because her flight was cancelled. Funny thing is, although the rain was steady and heavy at times, it didn’t seem THAT bad. But I guess it was….

Dinner tonight was Theo’s choice (belated birthday dinner), and he picked Red Robin. He walked in and announced to the hostess “Hi! How are you? And as a matter of fact, yesterday was my birthday, but we were busy meeting Congress.” She looked mildly confused, so I explained, “He’s hoping for a birthday dessert, since we were too busy to get one yesterday.” Subtle, he is not! (They did bring him a dessert and sing to him, so he was happy!)

DC Day 7

Pictures taken by Theo at the Natural History Museum:


Dodo skeleton!

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