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In exactly one week, I will get up at 3 a.m. (if I even sleep at all), wash my hair, sneak out of the house, and drive to San Francisco, where I will board a plane and fly 2,000 miles away from my babies.

And I cannot WAIT!

Don’t think me terrible for saying that. I love my kids. You all know I love my kids. But the chance to have three days to relax, recharge, and hang out with an amazing group of women? Priceless!

In one week, I’ll be #rockinit2015 at the first annual Rockin’ Moms Retreat in Minneapolis. I am so excited to be a part of this! On Saturday, we’ll be attending presentations by moms who are giving back to new and expectant parents of children with Down syndrome, doing service projects to support new families, and getting a little pampering. On Sunday, many of us will be participating in the Rockin’ It Run, put on by I Run 4. (Okay, many of us, like me, will be walking the Rockin’ It “Run,” but still…we’ll be there!)

And on Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday evening, and any other spare moments we have to squeeze in, we’ll be connecting face to face, finally, after knowing each other online in the Rockin’ Moms group for…well, it’s 2 1/2 years for my group already!

I’ve met some of my Rockin’ Moms face to face before, and I can’t wait to see them again! And there are many I haven’t yet met face to face and can’t wait to finally meet! It’s going to be like the biggest, best slumber party ever!

There’s going to be cheese curds. There’ll be tube tops. There’ll probably be some cocktails. There might even be another tattoo. There’s going to be laughter and fun and smiles and happy tears.

I cannot WAIT! And when my babies wake up on Monday morning, I will give them a huge hug and be gladder than glad to see them again…recharged after a full weekend of #rockinit2015.

Gonna be rockin' it with these ladies...and about 96 others!
Gonna be rockin’ it with these ladies…and about 96 others!

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