Auto Museum

At the DSCBA gala last year, we won a set of four tickets to the Blackhawk Auto Museum. It being a cold and blustery day, we decided to use them today. Really cool place!

This was one of my favorite cars. I love the lilac color! I think it’s a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce.

A ’57 Chevy for Papa.

A Pierce Arrow, manufactured in Buffalo!

Theo actually ended up being more interested in the African and Asian art collections. Go figure…. This African harp was pretty cool.

And you can’t really see the intricate detail, but this carved-wood model of part of China was spectacular! It took ten years to collect the wood and eleven years to do the carving.

I really liked the Old West exhibit. This huge display traced the history of western migration in the US.

Sam loved the ducks in the manmade “stream” at the shopping center where the museum is located.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Violet is getting bolder at meeting our boisterous new family member. (Isobel still refuses to come out.)

Lulu is settling in very well! Relatively few “new home” behaviors going on. She’s a sweetheart and rarely leaves my side. She’s my little shadow for sure!

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