Aug 27, 2017: Back to School!


After an incredibly short-seeming summer, it was time to go back to school this week! I wrote a separate post about Sam’s experience: click here to read it. I figured since it was a milestone, it deserved its own post.

Theo’s first day back was uneventful. Of his new teacher, he said, “I like her. She’s really nice. She drives a 2003 Mitsubishi and she likes cats.” So there you go…

2017-08-22 07.21.30

We had Back to School Night for Theo’s grade (Sam’s comes in a couple of weeks), so I got to meet this cat-loving, Mitsubishi-driving teacher, and she seemed very nice. Very different from last year’s teacher, who Theo adored, but he seems to like her well, so it’s all good. Last year’s teacher was very energetic and dynamic, whereas this year’s teacher seems pretty mellow and calm. Theo has actually only had one teacher that I would consider mellow/calm before—most of his have been pretty energetic. But he liked the calm teacher (first grade) just fine, so I’m sure all will be well! It looks like fourth grade will be more homework, which I’m really kind of dreading, but we shall survive (maybe!).

As for me, I began my new schedule of working only three hours a day this week. It was…interesting. I ended up having to spend Saturday working while Chris took the boys to visit Grandma and Papa, which was a bummer, but I guess that’s just how it’ll be for the next year (or two). C’est la vie! On the bright side, I took a couple of hours off and went to dinner with my mom, so that was nice! And I got my entire lacrosse manuscript written on Saturday, so that was good, too! It was a profitable day, if a bit lonely. And hey, I learned a lot about lacrosse…

Oh! We finally got our yard done!! Our handyman showed up Wednesday to put in the sod, but much to my surprise he had the rocks, too. He hired a couple day workers, and they got it all done in one day!

Cheap child labor pulling the weeds on Monday in anticipation of Wednesday’s sod delivery:

2017-08-21 16.17.45

He had some help from Chris on Tuesday night to get it looking like this:

2017-08-22 18.11.30

And voila! The finished yard on Wednesday afternoon!

2017-08-23 17.18.31

2017-08-23 17.19.11

2017-08-23 18.35.20

Just in case you forgot, here’s what it looked like when we moved in two years ago!



What a diamond in the rough!

Now it’s pretty simple out there: lawn, several trees, a few shrubs, lots of rock around the borders. But hopefully it’ll be easy to maintain and will stay looking nice. I fancy myself a gardener someday, but I have come to realize that raising two young boys and attempting to cram full-time work into 15 hours a week does NOT leave me with the energy to do heavy gardening. Someday…

Friday night, Chris and the boys attended an ice cream social at the school, celebrating school being back in session. I went to the gym (since I no longer have time to do that during the boys’ school hours—another change to our daily schedule), so I couldn’t attend, but I did swing by to pick them up, and I found Theo chatting up a storm to his teacher from last year. Someone has a crush, methinks…

2017-08-25 18.12.28

Sunday Chris and Theo went to a Cub Scout BBQ at the park. Sam and I were going to join, but it was 100 degrees out, and Sam really doesn’t hold up too well in the heat. The high today is supposed to be 107. YUCK! Needless to say, we’ll be staying inside….

Hope you all had a great week!

Makeshift eclipse viewing!

2017-08-21 10.07.17

This one was tasty! Sauteed cauliflower “steak” with hash and fried eggs:

2017-08-21 20.50.08

Chris made this one, so I can’t exactly remember what’s in it! Pasta, spinach, peas, cheese, hazelnuts… It was yummy, though!

2017-08-22 21.30.35

This was gross. Well, let me clarify: The mango salsa was yummy. The quinoa jerk-spiced “chili” was gross.

2017-08-23 20.51.34

Theo’s note to us at Back to School Night. At first I thought it said “love any mom and dad” at the bottom, and I figured he meant we were replaceable. But I later realized it says “All you need is peace[,] love and mom and dad.” Seemed appropriately hippie for a California boy like him!

2017-08-24 18.29.48

Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, green beans, and zucchini. Tasty!

2017-08-24 20.51.57

This was probably my favorite of the week. Pepper and zucchini fajitas with salsa and cotija cheese, with Mexican street corn on the side:

2017-08-25 20.51.03

Saturday, my day of lonesome work, was spent with this girl on National Dog Day!

2017-08-26 14.06.33


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