Aug 23, 2015: Grandma Visits!

At long last, Grandma Diane got to come see our house! We managed to get everyone healthy, and she was able to come! Sam kicked his bout of strep throat, and Theo never got it. Chris may have gotten it, but I didn’t. As for Chris, the doctor prescribed him penicillin the minute he got a fever and sore throat, on the assumption that it was probably strep, but he never had a culture, so we don’t know for sure. But anyway, by the time Grandma Diane came, everyone was noncontagious. Theo is still having a bit of tummy trouble from that stubborn pneumonia bug, but he’s eating again and not running fevers, so I think he’s on his way to mending.

Grandma Diane spent Monday through Thursday with us, and we had such a good visit! We mostly just hung out and puttered around seeing this and that, but she also got to see one swim lesson for the boys, which was fun. She was supposed to get to see three, but then the boys’ swim teacher injured her knee and ended up on crutches, so that was the end of that! Poor woman has to teach a school full of preschoolers during the regular year, so hopefully she’ll have a speedy recovery!

Poor Grandma Diane—she finally makes it to our house, and what do we do? Give her a nice ant-infested guest bed. I was mortified!! We’ve had continual problems with ants since we moved in here, and every time we get them eradicated in one place, they show up somewhere else. But they’ve never been in our den/guest room. At least, never until now. Apparently they decided to come visit Grandma Diane in the middle of the night the first night. She was a great sport about it, but ewwwww! I was not amused! And as if that wasn’t enough, the pugs were delighted to have a downstairs companion and kept coming in to lick her and snuggle with her at night. Good grief! Who wants to be our next houseguest? Come on—we promise irritating pugs, disgusting ants, noisy children…what more could you want?!

This was also Theo’s last week of day camp, so he bid farewell to his counselors and friends. He is not enthused about going back to school, mostly because he’s not a big fan of doing homework. He actually enjoys the school part of school, I think—he seems to really enjoy learning and being in class with his friends, but he does not enjoy homework. I have to say, I’m pretty much on board with him on that—I’m not overly thrilled with the idea of piling homework on second-graders after they’ve spent a full day in school already. But I don’t make the rules, so we muddle on….

We got Theo’s teacher assignment this week. It wasn’t the teacher I had hoped for, but I’m sure we’ll like his teacher anyway. There are five second-grade classes at his school, and I only know one of the teachers. She is very well regarded, and I’ve liked her very much when I’ve met her, so I had hoped he’d get her. I don’t know the other four teachers at all, and I’m sure they’re fine as well—I just don’t know them, so I can’t have any opinion yet one way or the other! I’ve not heard anything negative about any of the five teachers, so I’m sure all will be well.

Theo actually starts school on Tuesday, so we have one day of freedom left. We plan to have a play date with my friend Jisun and her kids, and then if time permits, we will drive over to Chris’s office to have a late lunch with him. He’s been asking me to bring the boys to have lunch with him for a while, and we just haven’t had time. So hopefully we can make that a last-day-of-summer treat.

As for Sam, he’s been going to school all summer, so nothing changes for him this week. In September his school will go back to a more formal curriculum, but that’s all that changes. (They are more relaxed during the summer—not doing a letter of the week or whatnot. They do learning themes, but it’s pretty relaxed during the summer and a little more structured during the school year.)

But back to Chris’s job… We have officially decided not to pursue the opportunity to spend a year in Germany. We wish we could, but the finances just won’t work out right now. We’re hoping maybe the opportunity will arise again in a couple of years, when we’re in a better position to take advantage of it. Having just bought a house, we’re just not a financial position to do it right now. Ah well…

This weekend was science weekend for us! On Saturday, we went to CuriOdyssey, a little science museum and zoo that we like. The boys had a ball. Sam loved the otter exhibit, even though he was so sleepy that he had to lie down to watch their antics! He also loved the exhibit that blew air upwards so you could float various light items on it, such as little foam balls and such—he got a lot of laughs out of that! And Theo had a good time with the building exhibits.

On Sunday, we went to Lawrence Hall of Science. They had some really neat sci-fi displays that Theo enjoyed, although only some of them were working. And Sam loved all of the physics experiments that had anything to do with balls—balls rolling down tracks, balls floating on air, etc. We stopped at our favorite Indian food chaat restaurant after, but Sam fell asleep on the way there, so we ended up having a chaat car picnic!

Come Tuesday, it’s back to real life for me. I’ve been off work for a couple of weeks, what with vacation, then sick kids, then Grandma Diane visiting, then Theo off day camp. I guess I’d better get myself back in the work mindset, huh? Ah well, it’s been nice while it lasted (well, except the sick kids part…).

I apologize for the brevity of this blog, but I’m trying to type it while Sam watches Thomas the Train and Theo is out getting a haircut. But before I go, I have one last bit of news! We have started our annual fundraiser for Sam’s Step Up for Down Syndrome walk. This walk is to support Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area, which provides support, education, and resources for people with Down syndrome and their families in the Bay Area. They do so many awesome things—classes, special events, conferences, and so much more—and they are run solely on grants and donations. If you would like to help support this excellent organization on behalf of Sam and his peers, we would so appreciate it! Here’s a link to donate if you’re so inclined.

What’s more, every week we’ll select one lucky donor whose donation we will match! But wait—there’s more! Chris’s employer matches our donations, so whatever donations we match, they will also match! So if you are the lucky donor selected during the week you donate, your donation will essentially be tripled! What could be better than that?!

Anyway, thank you for all of your love and support! Hope you are enjoying these fleeting last days of summer! And my apologies that this is a very sparse, Sam-centric photo gallery. Theo is noticeably absent, for no good reason other than that I just didn’t happen to catch any good shots of him this week! I’ll get a good first-day-of-school one on Tuesday, though, I promise!

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