Aug 2, 2015: Summer Bugs

Greetings and salutations from the sick house! It feels like that’s how we spent the week, anyway. Sam finally caught the bug Theo had last week, although oddly, he got it much less severely than Theo. So much less, in fact, that I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, because usually Sam is my one who gets sicker and stays sick for longer. And this mystery bug really wiped Theo out and brought a high fever, so I thought Sam would be no different. But Sam powered through it—he was off school for one day for a low fever, but even that day he was acting pretty normally.

In fact, I almost wondered why I kept him home (well, for the pesky fever, I suppose). He was running around the house like a madman, and when I sat down and tried to eat lunch, he brought his shoes over, waved them at me, and kept demanding, “Walk! WALK, Mama! WALK!!” When I told him it was too hot for a walk (it was 104 degrees that day), he put the shoes away, got another pair, and tried the same trick. Because, you know, different shoes might change my mind. 😉 I did eventually capitulate, and we took a five-minute walk in the shade…after which time he figured out that I was not lying about it being very hot outside, and he was happy to go back in the house.

It’s noticeably cooler in here now with our new windows! I’m actually chomping at the bit to see our next gas/electric bill. Our last one was very high, and I’m interested to see the difference now that we have windows that actually keep out the heat!

Anyway, Sam got better very quickly…and then Theo got sick again! I came downstairs Saturday morning to him saying that his feet and tummy hurt again (same complaint he had last time), so I took his temperature, and sure enough he had a fever of about 100 degrees again. After a quick conference with Chris, I grabbed Sam and got out of Dodge for the day, to try to keep Sam away from his virus-ridden big brother. Sam loves nothing more than to tackle Theo and climb all over him, and I’d like to avoid a second round of illness for him if we can help it!

It actually worked out well, because Sam and I went up to Sacramento and spent the day with my mom, which was fun! We took Sam to a local splash park up there, and he had a blast! That child does not mind getting water in his face—not one bit! We also had lunch and dinner with Grandma Diane and just generally enjoyed a relaxing day. Meanwhile, Theo stayed home and rested while Chris worked. Chris has been working until 2 or 3 in the morning many days, so working all day on Saturday gave him the opportunity to only work until midnight that night! 😉

Theo was feeling quite a bit better on Sunday, so we went ahead with his piano lesson and the birthday party for his friend Michaela that he had been invited to, much to his delight!

Another fun thing that illness brought about this week was a surprise dinner/movie date for me and Theo. On Wednesday, he and I had plans to spend the day together: We were going to meet friends at a local pool, have lunch, maybe see an afternoon movie, and all sorts of good stuff. But then Sam got sick and I had to keep Sam home from school, so those plans went out the window. Theo was, understandably, quite disappointed. So I took him to day camp, and when I picked him up in the afternoon, we drove to meet Chris at the BART station, handed over Sam to Chris, and then headed downtown for dinner and a movie! I figured that would be a good way to make the spoiled day up to him.

We had a great time! I gave Theo his pick of several downtown restaurants, and he chose Indian food—yum! And for a movie, he wanted to see Minions, which was quite entertaining. The Minions remind me of Sam—running around with lots of cheerful energy, wreaking all sorts of havoc and looking very cute about it!

Speaking of Sam, I don’t think I mentioned yet that he said his first four-word sentence! Theo was watching a Star Wars show on TV, and Sam wanted to watch Thomas the Train. So he announced loudly, “Mas [his name for Thomas] on, dis off!!!” Woohoo! (Alas, he was foiled. It was Theo’s turn to pick the show, so Sam lost out. But it was a valiant effort!)

Anyway, that’s about all the news from here. I did put up another post, though—a short musing about my dad. Click here to read it.

Next week’s blog will probably be delayed by a day or two, for reasons that will become clear next week. Have a good week, all!

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