Apr 3, 2016: Happy Easter!

Happy end of Spring Break! Of course, for some of you it may be the beginning of Spring Break, I suppose. But we had it last week. Well, Theo did, anyway. Sam’s school doesn’t have Spring Break. Oddly enough, Theo was rather miffed that Sam wasn’t off, too. I thought he’d be happy to have some one-on-one time with me and Grandma Diane (who came to visit), but he expressed a few times before the week started that I should keep Sam home, too.

I didn’t, though. Since Grandma Diane and I had some errands and things to attend to, I let Sam go to school as usual—and had Theo do a few hours at daycare during two days of Spring Break. He would’ve been bored to tears by our errands, and honestly, running any sort of errand is easier without kids in tow!

He still had fun, though. He got to go with me to fetch Grandma Diane and take her home, and he got a dinner out and a breakfast out at his favorite restaurant: Country Waffles. It’s a little diner-ish place near us, and Theo thinks it’s the best of the best. (And actually, they do have pretty good breakfasts!)

We had an odd experience after Country Waffles, though—our van got hit in the parking lot! I was backing out, and although I was certain I had looked before I backed out, there’s always that tiny echo of doubt asking, What if you’re wrong? What if you forgot to look? I was sure I had, but… And I looked at the other car and saw that his bumper appeared far more dented than mine (basically, we met back to back—we had both been backing out of spots), so I was afraid he was going to want me to pay for it. But instead, he drove away…and then circled back around, came almost to a stop behind the van, with me standing right there, looked at it, and then drove off without saying a word to me. It was so strange! If he had rolled down his window and said, “Doesn’t look like you have much damage—shall we just forget about it?” I would’ve totally understood—there are only a couple of very tiny scratches on my bumper. But instead, he looked at it and then drove away without speaking a word to me. So strange! All I can think of is that he was at fault and knows it, and he wants to forget it happened. Which is fine with me—my car is barely touched. But I just found it very odd that he said nothing. He was an older gentleman, too—I would’ve expected a teenager to perhaps flee, but not an older gentlemen. Huh…

I’m beginning to wonder if leaving notes for fender-benders is a thing of the past. When I went on Theo’s field trip the week before last, an SUV backed into another car in the parking lot and left a fair amount of damage—smashed up the bumper and the back of the car pretty darn good. I’d guess several hundred dollars’ worth of damage. And even though there was an entire busload of people watching this unfold, plus other people in the parking lot, the guy took off without leaving any sort of note. I felt really bad for the driver of the car that got hit, as the fix is undoubtedly not going to be cheap. And I was irritated because here I am trying to teach my kid to be a good, upstanding citizen, and he sees a guy just smash another car and drive away! I used it as a teachable moment, but I think it would’ve been more effective if Theo had seen the guy get out and leave a note. You know, they say parents need to model good behavior for their kids, and I do believe that—but I also find that my own kid tends to think I’m full of crap most of the time and is probably more likely to pay attention to a life lesson if it’s delivered by someone other than his boring old mother. 😉

Anyway, enough of my grousing. Operation Kitchen Cabinets is still in full swing! The first pantry is done, as is a block of three cabinets. They aren’t without blemishes, but I do think they look much better than they did! I’m starting a long block of six cabinets today. I have to remove the cabinet doors to do it, and of course that cats are enjoying much mischief getting into things!

I believe I posted the blog on Saturday last week, so you haven’t gotten to hear about Easter. We went down to Grandma and Papa’s for brunch, and Grandma Kathy put together a little scavenger hunt for the boys, which they loved. Before going down there, though, we had our own egg hunt at home. Sam didn’t much care for participating, but Theo loved it. And the same held true for coloring eggs the night before—Sam wasn’t really interested, but Theo loved it! We tried a new egg-coloring technique this year where you basically swirl food coloring in Cool Whip and then roll the eggs in it to make a beautiful swirly design. The eggs turned out really pretty, and Theo loved coloring them. Last year he was a little bored with the traditional egg coloring, where you drop the egg in the cup of colored water and wait…and wait…and wait. So he much preferred this quicker, more hands-on method. And I liked it because it didn’t make nearly as many dishes!

Sam has actually spent the end of Spring Break getting a little cold. It’s minor, but he’s got a cough and a bit of a runny nose. Hopefully it won’t hang on for him as long as it has for me and Chris! Poor Sam also has a roughed-up nose. He and Theo were playing kickball, and Sam did a nice face plant into the concrete. Surprisingly, Mr. Tough Guy barely cried. More than anything, he was mad that I made him come in and wash off his face—he wanted to keep playing! Tough little stinker…

Because Sam has a little cold, we kept it mellow this weekend. We prepped and planted our spring garden and spread new mulch in the backyard on Saturday. Theo was a big help with the yard work, while Sam took a nice nap. We ended up planning tomatoes, herbs, and a couple of peppers, as well as a zucchini. It’ll be interesting to see whether it yields much. We have typically had lousy luck with gardens, so I can’t say I really expect this year to be any different….

On Saturday night, Chris had his annual fantasy baseball draft in San Francisco, so the boys and I were solo. After putting the boys to bed, I watched a movie—a rare treat! I decided to watch Room, since I read the book some years ago (and enjoyed it), and I had heard the movie was well done. Indeed, I thought it was a very good movie—in particular, the little boy in it was outstanding! I’m surprised he wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar, as I thought his performance was terrific. It certainly was a hard movie to watch, but having read the book, I knew what to expect. And I did think it was very well done.

On Sunday, we just spent some time at the park and had bagels for lunch—kept it simple so Sam could get some extra rest, even though this cold hasn’t seemed to slow him down one bit!

This week, we’ve got a birthday coming up: Theo turns 8 on Tuesday! I’ve been instructed to make Star Wars cupcakes for his class, so Star Wars cupcakes it shall be! It just occurred to me that I’ll need to make him a cake, too, even though no one in our house ever eats them. Guess I’d better start thinking about that…

Oh, and don’t be surprised if the blog is a day late next weekend—we have some birthday plans over the weekend that may not leave me time to get it posted by Sunday!

Hope you’ve all had a good week!

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