Apr 17, 2016: A Week of Naughty Sam

Because Sam has Down syndrome, he’s always happy. All the time…happy, happy, happy!

Ha ha, if you know Sam (or anyone else with Down syndrome) even just a little bit, you know that’s not true! There’s a myth that people with Down syndrome are “always happy,” and while it’s true that many of them have generally positive outlooks on life, they’re all people with a wide range of emotions, just like everyone else has. Which means that no matter how sweet and angelic they may look (ahem, Sam!!), they can be just as naughty as anyone else, too!

So Sam has been a typical naughty four-year-old this week, and I have to admit that it’s been kind of amusing. He’s just so darn impish about it that it’s hard not to laugh!

One night, Chris and Theo were at a den meeting for Cub Scouts, and I stayed home with Sam. I decided we’d take a walk, but Sam had other ideas—he wanted to play in the backyard. Normally that would be fine, but everything in the backyard was wet from the rain, so it would’ve just been a soggy mess. So, I decided to call his bluff, and I announced, “Okay, fine—I’m going for a walk myself! Bye!” and I walked out the front door. I figured that, as usual, a moment would pass and then he’d come running to the door to join me outside. I figured the minute I heard his feet slap up to the door, I’d open it so he could join me.

Um, no. I heard his feet come pounding up to the door, and I pressed the lever to open the door. And it was locked. The little stinker had turned the deadbolt within the few seconds it took me to reach for the door handle and press the lever!

There’s a window into the kitchen right next to the front door, so I peeked in and called, “Sam! Let me in! You need to unlock the door!”

No dice. He laughed like crazy and then started running circles around the house with the dog, laughing all the way. Every so often he’d stop at the door and I’d wiggle the outside half of the deadbolt to try to get it to jiggle inside, so he could see it. I kept repeating, “Sam—the top lock! You need to open the top lock!”

No luck. He just kept laughing and running in circles. So I texted Chris and said, “You need to come home now—Sam locked me out.” Chris and Theo were only five minutes away, so it wasn’t any big deal…but still!

You’d think we would’ve learned our lesson about needing a spare key. After all, it was just last weekend that Chris had to drive 3.5 hours to give our pet sitter a spare key because he didn’t have the right one. Oops!

Our neighbor actually had a spare key, but we changed the locks a few months ago and hadn’t yet given her a new one. I guess we need to remedy that for the next time the little devil locks me out!

Oh, and by the way, he decided to unlock the door five minutes later. So apparently he’s capable of it and just didn’t feel like it. Stinker!

The second naughty Sam moment of the week was a couple of days later. Sam wakes up early but then amuses himself in his crib for anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. He just kind of lays there waking up slowly, talking softly to himself. It’s very sweet…and it allows me to wake up slowly, too, which is nice. (Theo always woke up intense—get me out of the crib RIGHT NOW, Mom!!!) So on Thursday morning, he was just babbling away in his crib while I rested in bed for a few more minutes and looked at my email on my phone. Normally, when I go in to get him, he just rolls over, sits up, and happily says, “Hi!!!!!” It’s really a lovely way to start the day! But this particular day, I walked in to find him standing up in his crib, jumping up and down and singing…completely naked! He had taken off his zip-up one-piece pajamas and his diaper, and he had thrown both across the room. He had also thrown everything else out of his crib, and he had gotten hold of some items of Theo’s and thrown them all over the room. Worst of all, he had pooped, so there was poop all over—and in the diaper that had been thrown across the room!

I took one look at him and started to laugh at the absurdity of it all, and then I said, “What are you doing?” and he just looked at me and started pointing to his Thomas trains on his wall and telling me all their names. It was just like, “Nothing going on here, Mom—pay no mind to the fact that I’m naked, covered in poop, and jumping in my crib!”

Oh…my…heavens. I sort of didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I laughed. And then I woke Chris up and said, “You have to come see this in person.” (And then he took one look, laughed, and started to walk away. Um…no!! You get back here and help me clean this up, man!! This is a two-person job!!)

Anyway, Sam got an early-morning bath and was quite cheery, and we got all the poop cleaned up. And now Sam wears a zip-up sleep sack that will be turned backwards so he can’t reach the zipper if he ever pulls that again! Though I was impressed at his fine-motor skills with the undressing! One of his OT goals is undressing, so nice job working on that, Sam!

Sam apparently had his naughty moments at school, too, though they weren’t anything more than garden-variety four-year-old power grabs. It seems it was a week of testing limits for the little guy!

But given all of that and the fact that Sam flat refuses to cooperate at all at the dentist office, I cancelled his dental cleaning. He has never once even allowed the dentist to look in his mouth, so it’s kind of pointless to take him, and it just ends up stressing me out. So he got to stay at school a little extra time one afternoon while I took just Theo to the dentist—and Theo, for the record, is a champ at the dentist! No cavities, very little tartar, and very clean teeth. Way to go, Theo!

On Saturday, we just had a little pizza lunch and some time at the park, and I spent several hours working on painting cabinets. I’m trying to get all of the upper cabinets done before the granite goes in. Then I won’t have so much to do to finish off the kitchen after the granite is done!

And on Sunday, Sam had a birthday party to go to—one of his classmates at school was turning three, and he was invited to her party. It was at a local park, and we had fun—it was a bit more successful than the last party he went to, so I was happy about that. Theo and Chris wandered around in the nearby vicinity while we attended the festivities.

Next week there won’t be a blog because I’m going on a weekend trip to Seattle! I shall catch up with you all the following weekend…though without stories of Seattle, because what happens in Seattle stays in Seattle. (Kidding…kidding. We are hardly the partying type, and I’m sure our girls’ weekend will be quite tame!) Jeanette and I are going up to visit Lisa, and the three of us are spending the night in the Hood Canal area. I can’t wait! We plan to eat good food, drink some tasty beverages, and use the bathroom without being interrupted. Oh, what bliss!! (By the way, if it’s not my kids interrupting me while I use the toilet, it’s the cats. Violet jumps in my lap while I’m trying to use the toilet, and if I close the door, she lays outside and slides her paw under the door to harass me!)

Before I go, here’s a ridiculously cute little video of Sam. He has the best table manners—it cracks me up what a little gentleman he is! He’s eating goldfish crackers with a spoon, pinkie in the air like a true gentleman. And the smile he gives at the end is just adorable, in my biased opinion!

Enjoy the pictures! I’ll see you again with tales of vacations and granite installations, I hope!

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