And Then He Was Five!

Five years ago, the sweetest little soul entered our lives, with a very big unexpected surprise. We were confused at first, but quickly learned that above all, he was just a baby, like any other baby.

And oh, what a sweet baby he was! Content, slept a lot, rarely cried, snuggly, adorable… Gosh, he was really just a dream!

As he grew and started reaching milestones, what a delight it was! And still is. When you see someone have to work so hard to accomplish something, it’s impossible not to cry tears of joy when he does!

And now he’s five, and I think he’s just reached the age where Theo is starting to see him as more of an equal than just as a baby. For the longest time, we had no sibling rivalry of any kind in the house—I think because to Theo, Sam was his baby brother, and babies need lots of patience and affection.

Now that Sam is more like a little boy than a baby, Theo’s starting to show the first signs of exasperation. And as he rightly should—Sam can actually be quite a pill to him at times! The other day, Sam stepped on one of Theo’s papers, and Theo said, “Sam! Watch where you’re stepping! Don’t step on my paper!”

What did Sam do? Whacked Theo with a bag of Cheese-It’s. To Theo’s credit, he kind of giggled and didn’t react. But sometimes he’ll react when Sam hauls off and smacks him, and I sure can’t blame Theo! He never hits Sam back, but he’ll scold him. And in a way, I think it’s kind of cool, because it shows Theo is seeing Sam more as an equal now, and less as a baby.

That’s happy and sad, I guess. I might’ve been content to keep Sam a baby forever, even though I know I can’t do that. Last-baby syndrome, I think.

So what’s Sam like at five? He’s a little bit feisty (but nowhere near his older brother in that category), a little bit stubborn (again, coming in a distant second behind someone else in this house), and a whole lot of affection and love. He’s a quieter sort than Theo—maybe partly because of his verbal speech delay, but I think also partly he’s just a quieter soul. He’s content to sit calmly with you, just watching Thomas or looking at a book, whereas Theo has always been a whirlwind of energy.

He’s still an incredibly picky eater, which is why I make sure he’s at school for two meals and one snack—it’s about the only place he’ll actually eat decently!

He likes the animals well enough, though he does not like it when they try to get his food.

He likes to play a game in the morning where he pretends he won’t get up in his crib, so then I said, “Okay, bye” and leave the room. And in just a moment, I hear the squeak of the crib mattress as he stands up with a huge grin and tips his head waaaaay back so I can plant a little kiss on his chin before pulling him out of the crib to get dressed.

His favorite thing of all is to go to the park and play any sort of game that involves balls. He loves balls. He also loves the playground, but ball games are even better.

He loves to watch buses, too. And trains and cars and any kind of vehicle.

He still always comes to Mama when he’s hurt or sad, and he wants a “tiss” to make it better.

But he loves Daddy, too, and he is the one who rushes to the front door when Chris gets home from work and yells, “Dada! Hi!” and gives Chris a big hug.

And as always, he loves his “L-L-L-L-L-O,” as he calls Theo.

In short, this kid has been five years of pure joy. We are so lucky that his is ours. We love you, Sam! Stay cool, man!!

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