All About the Smalls

The Small family isn’t particularly small—in fact, we’re a rather typical nuclear family of mom, dad, and two kids. But that’s where the typical part ends. The players in the Small Family Chronicles include:

  • Cathleen, work-at-home mom whose jobs include writing, editing, teaching, and working for her local Down syndrome organization. In her spare time (say what??), she enjoys reading (because she doesn’t get enough of that in her job), hanging out with the Small critters (pug Zoe and cats Violet and Isobel), and dreaming of travel.
  • Chris, hardworking editor for a Big Pharma company. He moonlights as Super Dad and the head chef in the Small household. He makes a mean hash and can make fried rice like nobody’s business. Cathleen keeps him around because of his prowess in the kitchen. Oh yeah, and he’s a pretty awesome person, too.
  • Theo the Hero, fearless eight-year-old who happens to fall on the autism spectrum and is one of a small group of people to have a very specific, tiny chromosome deletion (2p16.3). Theo is quirky, brilliant, witty, and charming as they come. He ensures that there is never a dull moment in the Small household and is his little brother’s biggest champion.
  • Sam the Sweetheart, adorable four-year-old and the little sunshine of the Small household. Sam is blessed with an extra chromosome, which gives him superhero powers, including the ability to charm anyone and get away with all manner of mischief, as well as a million-megawatt smile that could light up a small city. Sam is the smallest Small but also the mightiest—there is nothing the tiny guy can’t do!

Join us each week as we navigate the sometimes turbulent but always entertaining world of raising two extraordinary boys in a very ordinary world!

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