A Holiday Poem

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house,

Thankfully no one was behaving like a louse.

(Despite how this picture looks.)

Certain children showed their fashionable side the most:

While certain moms tried a new delicacy called avocado toast:

Thieves stole a Christmas package,

So a brand-new doorbell camera was installed to prevent their slackage.

Much to our Christmas light-loving delight,

We found the ultimate house to light up the night:

At Grandma and Papa’s house two brothers had fun,

And opened more presents than we thought existed under the sun.

And on Christmas Eve itself,

Mama went ice skating with one of favorite her favorite elves.

Meanwhile Elf number two,

Thought the snow was super cool.

And then it was home and time to cook,

Taking a page from the littlest chef’s book.

And she exclaimed as she signed off the blog,

“Hope your Christmas is more exciting than a Yule log!”

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