A Diamond in the Rough

When Chris and I first got serious and realized we were in this relationship for the long haul, we talked a lot about the future. One thing we agreed on (well, we agreed on most things, really) was that someday, we would love to fix up a house together—really make it ours! This didn’t happen with our first house, which we loved but which was only a year or so old when we bought it. We put in a yard, which we really enjoyed, but the inside of the house needed virtually no fixing. We painted to make it more “ours” and added a few other little features, such as a mantel, but that was it.

Then we moved to a rental house when his job changed, so we didn’t really do much to customize it. We painted the pink bedroom blue for Sam and added some thermal curtains on the bedrooms, but that’s it. So although we really like this rental house and feel at home, it doesn’t feel like our home.

But now we have a chance to buy a home that has so much potential and just needs some TLC. It’s exactly what we’ve always talked about—a house that needs a lot of cosmetic work, but very little structural work. Because make no mistake: Although we love projects and are reasonably handy, we are not skilled at electrical work, plumbing, or any of the “biggies.” So this house is perfect for us—it needs a good cleaning and could use a lot of updating, but it is structurally sound, as we learned during the home inspection yesterday. There are some issues that need to be attended to (termites, dry rot, and plumbing), but nothing so big that we have to step away and rescind our offer.

And so, if our loan goes through at the bank, this lovely little house will be ours in about three and a half weeks! We are already in love with it and can’t wait to make it our home! Some updates will be done quickly (plumbing fixes and new flooring, and probably new paint), but others will happen slowly, over time. And I plan to document our before-and-after DIY project on the blog as we go!

That said, here is the original “before” of the house. Chris was unable to be at the home inspection and so asked me to take pictures of everything for him. So I did, and then I realized, “Hey, if I put these on the blog, I have a great record of our ‘before’ for posterity!”

So without further ado, I give you the image gallery for our soon-to-be (fingers crossed!!) home. Some of these pictures are a little tedious (bathroom fixtures, anyone?), but I wanted to document everything. And so it is…

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