A Day in the Life

Recently, I went to Chicago for five days. When I got home, Chris said, “I have new respect for everything you do during the day!” Mostly just because it’s a never-ending series of appointments and school drop-offs and pickups, which I think is pretty common for most parents of young kids! But still, I thought it might be fun for you to see what our week looks like as a general rule.


6:40am: Alarm, quick shower, put in contacts, get dressed, head downstairs.

7:00am: Give Theo his medication, send him upstairs to get dressed, and throw a toaster waffle in the toaster so he can eat it on the walk to school. (Unless, of course, getting dressed takes less than 20 minutes. But that never happens.) Feed the dog and let her out. Take my own medication. Let the dog in so she doesn’t bark wildly at whoever is on the golf course behind us. Run upstairs and get Sam up. Put him on the potty and get him dressed. Take him downstairs and give him his medication.

7:20am: Out the door to walk to school! If Chris is home, Sam can stay home with him. If not, Sam is loaded into the wagon with a snack, and we all walk to school.

7:40am: Arrive back home. If Chris is home, we’ve started a little informal tradition of going to get coffee if he doesn’t have an early call, and Sam tags along for a water and a snack. If Chris isn’t home, Sam and I putter around until 9:30, when it’s time for him to go to school.

9:30am: Drive Sam to school. He can’t manage the steep climb up the hill on his own and I can no longer carry him that far, so we drive.

10:00am: Arrive home after checking the PO box (we have rampant mail theft around here, so checks and important stuff go to our PO box). Cram as much work as possible into the three hours before I have to leave to go get Sam.

1:10pm: Leave to pick up Sam at school. Bring him home and feed him a quick lunch.

2:20pm: Chris leaves to pick up Theo from school so he can take him to his Monday afternoon cooking class. (This is a temporary activity, so it’ll only be for the next several weeks. After it ends, Theo will probably go to after-school care on Mondays. Or maybe he’ll join me in Danville, but he doesn’t really enjoy that so probably not.)

2:30pm: Leave to make the 45-minute drive to Danville, where Sam has a Monday afternoon class. Take my laptop along so I can cram 90 minutes of work into the time Sam’s in class.

5:00pm: Pick Sam up at class and begin the 65-minute drive home. (It takes longer to get home because of rush hour. Sigh…)

6:05pm: Drop Sam at home, where Chris will feed the boys dinner. Change into gym clothes and head to the gym.

7:45pm: Arrive home from gym, change into PJs, and start cooking dinner for Chris and I while he puts the kids to bed.

9:00pm: Sit down to eat dinner.

10:00pm: Do dishes.

10:30pm: Bed, at long last!


Morning routine looks much the same, and then…

10:00am: Arrive home from dropping Sam at school and try to cram as much work as possible into the two hours before I have to leave for my therapy appointment.

1:00pm: Therapy appointment. This is a new one, since I’ve just found a new therapist. We’ll see how it goes. This was the only appointment she had, so it requires Chris to work at home on Tuesdays so he can pick Sam up from school.

2:30pm: Arrive home from therapy. Pick Theo up as needed. (Sometimes he walks home on his own; other times he goes to after-care; still other times he wants one of us to walk and pick him up.) Ensure that homework gets done and trumpet is practiced. Hang out with the kiddos until Chris gets off work.

5:00pm: Chris is off work, so I head to the gym.

6:30pm: Arrive home from the gym and hang with the family.

8:00pm: Start cooking dinner. Rest of the night looks the same as Monday.


Morning routine looks much the same, and then…

1:00pm: Leave to pick up Theo from after-care. He gets out early on Wednesdays, so he goes to after-care for an hour, until Sam gets out.

1:20pm: Collect Sam from his classroom. Then we usually try to head over to see Grandma to go out for ice cream or some other treat. The rest of the afternoon is mellow and involves making sure homework gets done, trumpet practice gets done, etc.

5:00pm: Jump online to facilitate online chat for the class I’m teaching. This is just an hour a week.

5:30pm: Chris arrives home from work and feeds the boys, who have been kept occupied by technology while I’m teaching my class. Because come on, I’m only human…

6:00pm: Finish teaching, change into gym clothes, and head to the gym.

7:45pm: Arrive home from gym and start cooking dinner while Chris puts the boys to bed. Rest of the night is the same as the other nights.


Morning routine is the same as every other morning, and then…

1:20pm: Pick Sam up from school and feed him a quick lunch.

2:30pm: Leave for the 45-minute drive to Brentwood for Sam’s occupational therapy. Theo goes to after-care because he hates sitting in the OT office for an hour.

4:30pm: OT ends; drive 45 minutes home.

5:15pm: Arrive home after picking up Theo at after-care. Chris gets home at 5:30, and I change clothes and head to the gym. Rest of evening goes as every other night.


Morning routine is the same as every other morning, and then…

1:20pm: Pick up Sam from school and head straight out for the 45-minute drive to Brentwood for speech therapy. We arrive five minutes late, but no biggie.

3:00pm: Speech therapy ends, and we drive 45 minutes home. If necessary, we pick Theo up at after-care on the way home. If Chris is working at home, Theo just walks home from school—with Chris or with friends, depending on his preference. I hang out with the kids until Chris gets off work.

5:30pm: Chris gets off work, and I head to the gym. Rest of evening goes as every other.

This, of course, assumes that there are no other appointments. Every three weeks or so, I go to acupuncture, so that takes up some work time, as I have to go while Sam’s in school. Sometimes the boys have various appointments. Theo has Cub Scout commitments some nights, which means I can’t go to the gym on those nights, so I hang out with Sam instead. (Sam will have Scout commitments too, but his hasn’t really started yet.)

And weekends…well, there’s always something going on over the weekend! So as you can see, the eight months between now and our eight-week road trip are going to fly by! Never a dull moment….




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