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November 2017, Page 2

ENT Recheck

Someone was looking alternately cool and adorable at his ENT recheck this week!

Garden Workday

Last weekend we helped move mulch and plant a hundred new plants to beautify the boys’ school!


Trumpet lessons for Theo = free through the school Sam’s reaction to his practicing = priceless 😂

Turkey Time!

My fine feathered friends joined us on the walk to school one day this week!! Video!

Dinner Goodness!

A few of the tastier dinners from the week: Chilaquiles! Stir-fry! Mushroom pasta with Zoe photobomb! Another mushroom-Parmesan pasta! This may be …

Lots of Knots

A cool thing about living in a community that used to be for retirees is that many of your neighbors are retirees …

Scouting for Food

Our little Lion Cub participated in his first scouting event—Scouting for Food!

Fun with Zoe

Sam, who spent years ignoring our pets, has decided that they make super playmates. He invented a fun game where he put …

Dinner Date

By a weird twist of events, we had a date with our firstborn while Sam stayed with a sitter. We went to …

Walk Pic

We finally got our team picture from Sam’s Step Up Walk! I think Theo and I look slightly goofy… But crop it …