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October 2017

Boo at the Zoo!

Today we went to Boo at the Zoo—chilly, but lots of fun! Theo dressed up as PB&J, and Sam was a hot …

Tasty Meals

Two of this week’s box meals were particularly yummy! Mexican quinoa with roasted sweet potatoes: Roasted mushroom pasta with Parmesan:

Pumpkin Patch!

Our annual visit to the local pumpkin patch! Sam was tired and not really feeling it, but Theo had fun.

Cool Dude

Someone got a haircut…and temporary hair dye!

Red Ribbon Week

It’s Red Ribbon Week at my kids’ school this week. The week is all about making wise choices with regard to one’s …

Family Pix 2017

We just got our family pictures back from this year, and I am thrilled with them! We’ve worked with the same photographer …

Reflections on Medication

  So here we are, a month into putting Theo on medication for ADHD—a decision that we agonized over for more than …

Critter Adventures

Critters continue to destroy our new lawn. Like raccoons: And the gopher that dug this hole and has pushed up numerous large …

Foodie Stuff

I decided posting pictures of every single meal I make probably wasn’t necessary, so heretofore I will be posting pictures of the ones that …